Getting trend with 7 bags will be the trend in 2020

For women, handbags are not only a tool to hold the necessary items such as phones, wallets, lipstick . More than that, it is a fashion accessory that helps users promote their style if skillful in how to choose.

Fall and winter this year, please refer to the 7 popular bags below and choose the most suitable one:

1. Leather bag

Regardless of whether it is genuine leather or just faux leather, the classic crocodile bags are dominating the runway floors from New York to Paris, from Milan to London . Not too new but always feels modern, luxurious Crocodile leather bag is an indispensable choice for ladies who identify themselves as trendy in autumn and winter this year. You can choose for yourself a cute cross-type bag, can also be charming portable, no matter which type is also very easy to apply.

2. Warm fur pockets

The biggest difference between spring-summer and autumn-winter handbags lies in the material. Instead of a sedge or thin PVC, which has been popular throughout the summer, the autumn-winter season of 2019 is the time of the rise of furry bag designs, looking through and seeing warm and aristocratic. This type of bag will help users become luxurious immediately, especially when combined with trendy clothes such as wool, tweed, stomach .

3. Geometric pocket

If you're tired of the usual meek bags, the geometric-inspired bag is probably the accessory to try. The thick, sturdy and angular shapes and new material help to make a strong impression. Combined with the trendy small handbag, you will not have to worry about geometric bags that will make it difficult to coordinate or disrupt the overall, because they are just like a dash of enough to accompany the outfit.

4. 'Mother and child' bags

Two is always better than one. With that in mind, there are fashion houses that are racing to launch 'two-in-one' bags, including a large bag and a small bag with similar characteristics, at a glance that can be identified. to the same owner. Besides the style issue, this is really an effective fashion solution for girls who cannot be satisfied with just carrying a single bag down the street.

5. Oversize tote bag

The idea together with the throne of the tiny bags, oversize bags have run out of land 'use of martial arts'. Fortunately, a lot of fashion houses have helped to prove that the type of handbag that is full of applicability, can hold the world that has never been out of fashion. With oversize tote bags being promoted, women can freely bring everything they want to the city without hesitation.

6. Leash bag

Along with the rise of the impressive chain necklace, chain handbags certainly cannot be out of the game. Still the familiar bag design but just adding only the details of shiny gold chains, sparkling, familiar accessories of women have become more attractive, more fashionable.

7. Microphone bag

In contrast to oversize tote bags, this type of mico handbag has become more and more baby. From just the lipstick case, the micro bag is now so small that the handle can sometimes fit just a finger while the body of the bag is not much bigger. Such a small and not cheap price, there are up to tens of million dong, but the strange microphone bag is still sought after by the followers to show class.