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Helmets, also known by other names is the beret style hat is no stranger to people. Appears from the 90s and is a fashion accessory, now common, this pot hats had to go back and do the rain do wind for young Vietnamese.

Quynh Anh Shyn is probably the hot girl has a collection of helmets, "crisis" for the recent period. Collection of helmets the color of enough she also makes passionate fans.

The hat is a classic bit of this lovely medium again very consistent with her enchanting gown "duct" Quynh Anh Shyn.Thanks to Cap her outfit deviation, hot girl looks more graceful, elegant pieces.

Method of separation, an outstanding Red Hat, very Classic hairstyle of her.

Available Budget "personality" with undertook the Black Berets in combination with black suit "from the top down".

The helmets is a item no hairstyles or pods, it is also very easy to fit the type of costume . Not only to the styles "duct" feminine, helmets, also with the youthful attire, such as the personality of the genus Pu.

Hot girl Hong Hanh is famous for "face as South Korea" is also very love this hat. Special gray hat with the white skin of her pink.

Helly black hats caps mix of song in the style of vintage familiar.

Sun HT is also a "devotee" of this hat, she pretty much owns helmets with different colors. Cream colored hat is one of the hat is "baby".

Minhon Dolphin chooses the same tone color brown hat with a skirt. Muzaffar left her very face with this hat style.=

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