Help her excess belly fat more confidence when an map summer

Most of the sisters, Office are plunged into "éo le" with excess fat to belly due to the nature of work to sit a desk all day. The downside of the waist is the crux of all issues arising, by which is where the connection between the body and the body below the waist, has a compact, the new round three distinctly new stature and harmonious. Therefore, the choice of outfits to hidden belly ring to ngấn fat, always be unsolvable problem, one who don't own anxieties.

With a lack of standard waist, many sisters have only a single way is wearing really wide to cover long waist "overweight", but these costumes so sometimes makes three rounds "as one", and the charming, sexy femininity that also disappeared. Don't just focus on the broad, long always had a lot of things, other designs fit your physique. Let's refer to the hints below to always have the choice to honor designs for yourself!

The higher the Scorpions

The Scorpions high can increase the curve again just cause your abdominal region reveal the ngấn grease.

High waist detail not only help hidden waist bread but also makes the shape people as more slender and taller than before.

Her waist with a "bread" once chose the higher the Scorpions map finding a shirt designs come also becomes quite simple, though such wide or hug the body then can still land a pretty harmonious and balanced way.

Although Austria crop top of the same map high-waist is always the perfect couple, but with a big waist, best avoid the short crop top type shirt designs to mix together.

Length best suits you is down, when hip horizontal along the high waist skirt/pants mix, you can choose to profile the entire vin, tie front or to Austria let go free tie clips can obscure significant disadvantages of waist.

Jacket/skirt such designs or light xoè

Because the owner of pretty waists to your upper body part should be feeling quite "thick", so the design of the shirt/skirt hugging the body would be completely inappropriate.

Such dresses designs or xoè new light is dedicated to design her fat belly, it just helps to obscure the downside, moderate religious special designs, makes you more beautiful, feminine and graceful.

With the shirt neck was V detail waist gently along a reasonable xoè of the leg-banded Kingfisher speed skirt, shirt dresses (shirt dress) is the integral skirt shape for the style of a her "belly fat".

Tubular dresses skirts or peplum jackets always have details of Government through the waist, pinch BeO hidden under fat bellies ngấn, helping the wearer's waist part look neat.

The V-neck design, or repurposed several details in the phần shoulders, chest, collar will attract looks of people opposite to that, instead of paying attention to the round 2 lacks the Compact.

Sweat designs shirts

The best way to conceal belly ring is limited to a maximum for work exposing them, sweat shirts and designs is the perfect, versatile shirt designs can maximize the use of the case.

Please select preferred the free shirt-sized bat wings, mullet, ... with the flowing material such as tulle, chiffon ... The main things like that will cause the waist of her being less significantly and fool the opposite person's eyesight.

Profile of vin Austria always is helping your body becomes more succinct. A waist of bread should recite their own vin records several types such as: half, full vin with the forward fuselage, to drop the side tie ... to be able to flexibly change for many different occasions.

To avoid the body as "Hitman flare" or đuột, you should select the somewhat skinny pants, legs like hugging pencil skirt or pants stand tube mix together to remove sweat shirts a graceful nhoà the ratio of the balance of the body yet.

Textures and colors

Besides the designs, textured or special colors rather than how to mix them together also support does not young in minimizing the downsides of each person's stature.

Those who want to conceal defects of abdominal region, the dark colors like Brown, black, red, dark brown ... will be the top choice.

Your outfit should also focus on the simple, should not match more than 3 colors to avoid side effects.

Avoid the light shadow colors such as silver, gold, bronze sequin ... they are especially eye-catching should easily make a full circle as more stature. If the favorite metallic items, please select the material light of the dark color emulsion.

The abstract motifs, are arranged in an impromptu manner, causing the opposite eye flower slightly a bit, and so nobody can notice to the "fat belly" of you anymore.

You should also avoid choosing costumes, large patterns, and details required in the abdomen, they will increasingly factor more downside which is always worried day and night.

Belts/waist detail

No what with own belly ring to that with any cons yet, just a waist or waist detail also has the ability to create harmonised rate, balanced physique. So that the belt-small accessories simple dish always been for von is "treasure" in the map every girl really needed for her belly fat.

You can choose a smaller or belts, but how you use them is the crux of the problem. With a waist to mild contractions, above the waist will reduce the fat on the belly than the ngấn is horizontal constriction of the waist, hips.=