His help you ladies have round 3 'plump' dressed with white pants

(MissNews)-You have to know how to interface the white pants without fear of exposing 3rd round or chubby legs?, secret distribution map, dressed with white pants, tasteful ...

For those ladies have families and small children often hesitate to wear white pants by fear of dirt left his blood when doing home work or . With the young girl, or her work middle age also or superiors with the white pants lest this make pants shape round 3 or more plump legs. The white pants is truly a luxury item and very youthful. There are many tips useful can help you dress so nice, stylish with white pants without fear of being fat.

Please refer to the hints below.

1. Select a suitable fabrics

Ignore the delicate white fabric pants will make you vulnerable to reveal weaknesses or even "defending" y. should also not select fabric trousers too thick will not ease, making you "bulky". So let's choose for themselves the high quality thick fabric and white pants just right, there is little elasticity.

2. Choose a shape but not too hug bouquet

The thing you most uncertain or white pants will make you easily expose the downside body, oversized 3 "round cheese" or "elephant legs" However you can try the white pants style but remember to choose designs for pants aren't too tight they will make you like the song, "roll". With white you can choose the designs of jeans, trousers and pants, crude fabric ... remove the white silk pants-style agency baggy ya they will make you look more aggressive.

 3. Wear skin colored underwear

You delete the medical cabinet selection thinking white white pants when uncomfortable, not those that are vulnerable to "reveal". Select panties have the same skin color tones such as beige, ivory, nude ...

4. Select No Pocket jeans

With these she has plump round 3 when selecting white jeans should select no bag, or bag after being sewn. The following texture or hip pants also will make your round 3 "more than".

5. Wearing eye catching

With her white pants and do not want to see people pay attention to your feet have a little tip for you that is select the featured shirt like bright colors, stylized, texture accents ... If you love the soothing and simple style, select the bold black white flower motifs or stylised white shirt and merge more metallic accessories stand out as necklaces, earrings ...

6. Wear a long shape shirt

If you want to completely eliminate the problem of unwanted white pants thin, internal medicine, Mr Pocket back ... Please select a shape in the long shirt too hip.

With the long-shape shirt then mix together the white pants thin skinny is the appropriate choice.

7. High heels

Make your long legs with high heels and instantly you will create more slender look, even now when you wear white pants.

8. Ignore the lovely bear pants

Lovely pants bear with any material would also disrupt the natural look of sight so you should not choose the bear lovely white pants type.

9. the Robots

The robots are also quite easy to coordinate with white pants, you can choose the neutral colors such as black, Brown, camel, charcoal to people looking to focus attention on the bottom instead of the hip joint.