Just focus on choosing shoes, Jessica makes everyone admire the ability to hack height

Not only a singer or a businessman, Jessica Jung also owns a high-class fashion style and is often a guest at many big brand events. A few days ago, she had just attended the Chanel event held in Seoul, South Korea. However, because of that day, she chose a rather "makeup" makeup, a whiter foundation than white skin and blush. This has made her image more or less affected.

The frozen queen Jessica Jung of Kpop is always famous for her arrogant beauty and chic feminine fashion, but still easy to apply in real life. This famous hash girl always possesses a mix of mix & match skills that have a pervasive influence on women throughout Asia.

And one of the top hacking techniques that Jessica often applies to herself is to cleverly choose shoes combined with costumes to look as tall as met 7.

#first. Pointed-toe shoes and boots / tube stand

This is one of the most basic dress codes that Jessica regularly applies: Pointed heels + pants with a moderate tube section. Pointed-heeled shoes, even just about 3 - 5cm high, also adorned the legs while designing jeans / casual pants with a thin or moderately thin tube, which helps emphasize the legs, shaping the slim slender physique. and your legs look much slender much smaller. Regardless of whether it is long pants or short pants, the moderate length of the tube helps create a very good effect for her legs.

#2. Pointed boots / knee-high boots

The short boots or high boots too just need a pointed nose is enough to increase the trendy elegance to lever max, not to mention the pointed nose also extends the long legs a little bit so the feeling of tall physique does not inferior to her long legs, up to met 7.

# 3. Same color shoes and socks

Many girls often choose floating socks over shoes to attract attention but in fact this way does not support improving the length of the legs. Jessica is different, whether flat or high-heeled shoes, she always pays attention to choosing all shoes of the same color, so the neck and feet are not divided, creating a sense of significantly longer legs. This combo reaches the realm of hacks of height when presented with a short skirt on her thighs.

# 4. Cardboard shoes with special clothing / pants / skirts

Jessica always mixes slipper shoes with the lower body (pants, skirts) to create a transparent look for the overall set. Especially pants, when mixed with shoes, you both increase the fashion effect for your outfit, and create a straight line that extends to the end of your feet, so your legs are not new.