Mai Phuong Thuy continues to stun when 'showing off' backpacks worth billions of VND

It is known that the crocodile leather backpack worth over VND 900 million is an expensive item that she added to her BST. Mai Phuong Thuy herself is a famous beauty in showbiz with expensive brand items. She rarely regretted buying any expensive items for her, just like that she quickly went home.

This is a pre-billion backpack that Mai Phuong Thuy has just paid heavily.

Not even once, she swung the "pre-toned money" for costumes, accessories . even though the item could not be used every day. In Vietnamese showbiz, not only possessing the perfect beauty in the goods 'crisis', Mai Phuong Thuy also makes many people enjoy the range of expensive brands.

And do not let fans disappointed, she continued to prove the willingness to spend more than 900 million to buy a backpack model of Gucci house. She said: 'Many people buy crocodile bags to go to the party for luxury but I buy backpacks to hang out. Because expensive backpacks can't be brought to the party. '

Before that, she also caused the people to stir when she swung her hands to buy Louis Vuitton's fur slippers, but she closed them with sentences . probably just for display. It is indeed a beautiful person to use a rather expensive sandals just to "watch, not go". The price of this item without tax is about VND 25 million.

Once, she left more than 170 million dong to buy Gucci home wear for the reason, he sold clothes . too handsome. Rarely can anyone spend such a large amount of money just because of improvisation.

Mai Phuong Thuy is also the only Vietnamese to spend 11 thousand USD (about 240 million VND) just to buy a cardigan jacket for a walk. She once said: 'I think no one is going to buy a bunch of peacocks to back up like I do. The exterior of this shirt is designed to be very sophisticated and sharp. '

The model of shoes that she has shown in recent photo shoot also cost 20 million VND of Chanel, she also buys to go for coffee, walking around.

Since the coronation until now, Mai Phuong Thuy has become more and more beautiful and perfect in the eyes of the public, and the fashion trends have also changed dramatically. From a girl dressed in casual dress, long legs born in 1988 suddenly molted to become more beautiful and sexy. Whenever going to the event, Mai Phuong Thuy always becomes the attention of the public with a hot look in the clothes that cut the thighs, the V-neck's deep neck . from the famous fashion brands in the world. . Mai Phuong Thuy is famous for her stylish clothes.