'My Mom to try' after born still stylish

After the baby is born I all turned on with the children, don't have time to take care of ourselves, therefore, unavoidable diffusion at the dress and luộm thuộm ....

After the baby is born I all turned with the child care, don't have time to take care of ourselves, therefore, unavoidable diffusion at the dress and luộm thuộm. Most of 4 holiday month born, must return to public office, I really wonder do not know what to wear?!


Postpartum body is probably the nightmare of any woman who would by compact body deformed maiden with the "bulge" is full of fat due to diet and hormone changes in your body. In it, round 2 is the most severe degradation and also the top concerns of many mothers after birth. I'm also not the exception.

Increase 9kg do my body no longer neat, especially sagging bellies cause me severe lack of confidence when off the road. Sister-in-law who helped me shape the back style. Child birth before me half a year, but she still looks very neat and stylish, youthful. As such, her advice is very helpful to me.

She advised me to choose the costumes aren't too nice to moderate bunch, convenience back to comfortable living. What characteristics of women's body after birth as my sister with the appropriate oversize jackets, skirts or dresses maxi dresses, such as the cape, helped conceal the defect ring 2, 3 charming still oversized.  

The color is also not necessarily dark gray soy sauce, still choose the skirt, dress the flower, but the material is soft, pendulous, not hardware box will cause the designs I try its less soft. Listening to her, I changed the style and F5 again to his wardrobe to design with confidence "girl a".

Ancient heart mold or round u will help you be more elegant. Only the number of chest is still not really stable so you should not choose the type of closed stock and fit too

The texture dress like this also helps fool the eyes look, create the "illusion" to waist

Special design dress with front fuselage, rear fuselage such tulle sweep helps you conceal the ring 2 and 3 but still tender, gracious

Oversize dress with soft flowing material makes you comfortable while campaigning without exposing the abdomen

Cape dress is the perfect choice to hide a big belly big butt defects but also noble, elegant suit for important events=