Ngọc Trinh mixes brand name products more and more

There are a lot of talk about the real damage to Ngoc Trinh products on the person, but the interest in this article is not that she wears fake goods, but how she coordinates the costumes, the way to mix -Match colors and accessories like jewelry .

Ngoc Trinh is very conscious of her appearance and image, not only in important events, but even when she goes to the street for shopping or cafe, work with friends, the image of Ngoc Trinh is always possible. many people remember.

Years ago, Hermes bags were accessories that Ngoc Trinh petered the most. She spends no money to own different Hermes Birkin bags of different colors.

When appearing at the event, taking fashion photos, walking around the city, going to the airport . Ngoc Trinh chose Hermes bags to coordinate. Typically a dark pink cardboard bag, priced up to 1.5 billion VND.

The Himalayan Crocodile Birkin bag made from albino crocodile skin costs 1.5 billion is also returned by Ngoc Trinh.

Ngoc Trinh started buying more items from many famous fashion houses. She looks more stylish and stylish with trendy sets.

The hot trend bag of Chanel, Dior, and Gucci brands are quickly updated by Ngoc Trinh to prove the 'playability'.

Dior bags are neatly designed, luxurious and suitable for cocktail style to create a harmonious overall for Ngoc Trinh.

Unique design mini bag from Roger Vivier brand, which cost more than 41 million, was bought by Ngoc Trinh to mix the event.