Not sure how to treat bad hair, let Ngoc Trinh suggest how to wear a hat to fix it

Not only has brand bags and shoes changing to make dizzy netizens, Ngoc Trinh also has a collection of colorful hats, all kinds of diverse, equally majestic. That's how the beauty of Tra Vinh is determined to wear beautiful clothes every few days to show off her good street style photos, how many shopping brands are she and the stylist calculating the mix & match to the best. And if you are observant you will realize that most of the cool and stylish dresses, Ngoc Trinh choose for themselves a trendy or matching cardboard hat, no wonder the fans did not "fall in love" when watching .

"Quit" light crop top and skinny jeans, Ngoc Trinh easily shows off her slim waist, long straight legs. But that was not enough when the actress also added 3M masks and Miu Miu bucket hats, making the overall youthful "quality".

This trendy hat is also promoted by Ngoc Trinh on many occasions. Before that, the beautiful 8X used to wear a black Prada hat, mixed with halter dress and cardboard jacket. Looking at Trinh like this, one can say that Trinh is not attractive.

Owning white skin is an advantage, so when Ngoc Trinh's "all-black" outfit only got more prominent. Besides the luxury brand bags and watches, it is undeniable that bucket hats also contribute to her personality. Overall, Trinh increasingly shows how to coordinate "on hand", mix accessories and less errors then!

One of the most accurate, practical ways to know which hat to wear with which outfit is suitable is to try as many different hats as possible, until you find your eyes comfortable. Ngoc Trinh must be the same when she looks at her sporty airport outfit, netizens are convinced, including the beauty of the beautiful logo with a cap.

Delicately choosing a cap and elegant blazer, Trinh immediately brought an image that was both strange and cool, with a bit of personality and feminism.

And every time she wore a hat, Ngoc Trinh saved the complicated hairdo. As you can see, Trinh only tied his hair low and did not need to inflate it.

Thanks to the addition of a cap, Ngoc Trinh looks a bit cooler. Even the hair does not need to be groomed too much still genuine round point.

Want to dress up modern and stylish like Ngoc Trinh, do not forget to invest in both costumes and accessories. Of course, you do not need to buy a dozen-million-brand hat like the beauty of V-biz because there is a whole block of similar "soft" items waiting for you to buy. Speaking of bags, shoes or hats, Ngoc Trinh has an abundance. That is why when wearing a pink strapless dress, the actress also has a "pink" lotus hat to mix and match.

Which hats are favorite, easy-going, Trinh are affectionate couple of times.

. and this cute white beanie hat too!