'Small but martial arts' sex glasses are storming the fashionista

In the past, people wore sunglasses simply to protect the sun, to protect the 'window of the soul' but today, regardless of whether it is sunny or the forecast station is about to be stormed, sunglasses are still a side dish. must-have lawsuit of ladies when walking down the street in the middle of the day. Sometimes it is not a daylight, going to a dinner party, driving in a tunnel, people cannot give up the habit of carrying glasses!

Kim Kardashian is the typical face representing this movement

Small sunglasses this year are the top fashionista specially favored, coordinated with all the most suitable costume page, turning the glasses from a pretty funny look and not related to the face to become an impossible fashion item. no!

Kendall Jenner also carries a micro-glass model like superman

Kylie Jenner - Kendall's sister brought a very cool sparkling stoneware. Kylie is a proof that the glasses can help you become extremely prominent and the clothes you are wearing

Phuong Anh fee also caught trend of small sunglasses to create a highlight for the face

Quynh Anh shyn wore a small sunglasses to create a complete outfit

Even in Seoul, this small sunglasses is also an accessory that IT Girl Châu Bùi cannot forget to bring

Á Hậu Hoàng Thùy presents herself with a red-tinted glass with a pair of boots she is wearing


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