'Soi' on fashion often of 'Gossip Girl' dollars

Unexpected network community to share pictures to demonstrate Enhanced dollars had a new girlfriend, that no one else is hotgirl Lower Vi. Therefore, many people will feel curious about beauty as well as the style of fashion is often on of this young girl. Whether her style had "dislodged" Hồ Ngọc Hà.

Micro in 1993, down from Haiphong and served as the model for many of the age newspaper photography students, winning a beauty pageant talent photo magazine in the world for women. After the famous role model, the lower Vi continued into the field when she was the first female NGO Thanh Van choice starred in the film project "thank you".

The fashion style of the Lower Range is quite impressive. An outfit dotted black and white marbles, though casual but this young girl in graceful strokes something sexy, glamorous.

Though discreet but the fashion style of the Lower Range also to see because the combination is too subtle.

But sometimes quite simple back in the sport.

At the very back of da DAO and feminine.

If not observant will think, this combination of lower Vi truth "hard look".

However, the lower Vi remains "loyal" to the elegant style, simple, not color.

Very active and even personality.

White lace dress da DAO as do sensual beauty, charm of the girl born in 1993.

Fashion life quite the sophistication of the lower Range.

Sometimes simple but still very beautiful and youthful.=


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