The perfect combo for your girlfriend down when the monsoon about

Fashion incredibly diverse, particularly for women. The designers, garment maker for many of the code samples, different designs, variety of colors, styles to suit many ages, many humanoid, weather.

About monsoon, the young northern racing each other hot outfits, shopping trends year to down the Street last week. There are many designs for you to choose from but the costume "enthroned" in autumn this year, you can't ignore these sweaters, sweatshirts, skirts, sweaters, denim jackets, shirts, long sleeve ... Let's choose for themselves the set real style, down to the discerning City last week when it turned cold.

She combines quite eye-catching, stylish with white shirts and sweaters with skirts sweep shape gile suede. Double ankle boot Brown made the same set map become more perfect.

When it comes to cold you don't hurry take away long sleeve shirts, let's mix together the leg sweep black elegant dresses. Also add a denim jackets are also quite fit.

Bright color sweatshirts and denim skirts the same trendy boots pencil designs and choices are quite suitable for the teenage girl down the street.

With her favorite street style, the style of jacket is an item of fashion has always been interested in the fall.

Simplicity, charm, warmth is what the duo sweaters and skirts bring to the wearer. Women can choose for themselves the warm Wool Sweater styles mix together considerably dark floral dress tastefully.

These types of skirts, slim shape for those hug ken she has a compact body. The road cut out shoulder brings sensual femininity strokes for the wearer. The neutral colors like black, Brown, gray, white is hot trends in fall-winter this year.

The type of skirt waist for you girls have round 2 chubby. Select mix together sports shoes to down real comfort.

Tubular Skirts sweep gray female dynamism the same ankle boot leather mix.=


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