This is a pretty small accessory that martial arts stars have been fascinated by Korean stars recently

Artists in general and Korean women in particular always receive a great deal of public interest by their perfect appearance and especially their attractive beauty style. And of course, one of the first contributors to bringing this "quirky" image is the hairstyle. It can be said that the gentle, natural but still very trendy hairstyles of Korean stars have won the hearts of Asian women in general and the world in particular.

The same point through a few hairstyles are being enjoyed by most Korean women lately to get more suggestions for the new season style. And to beautify their hair in a convenient way, Korean stars often do not ignore this familiar and useful accessory, which is to tie the hair.

Chun tied her hair, which was a familiar item that used to make rain, used by mothers every few decades. But recently, a series of Kim Chi beauties suddenly fell in love and reprogrammed this fad-looking item. It is anticipated that this is a hot hit accessory in the coming time that the fashionista society needs to update immediately to attend school this fall.

Jennie (Black Pink) repeatedly wore her hair to the airport.

Nayeon (Twice) also repeatedly uses this type of song.

From the likes of Jennie (BlackPink) to the feminine women like Nayeon (Twice), Irene and Seulgi (Red Velvet), they are enchanted to tie their hair and face to face from the airport until performances. With this accessory, they can be used to tie hair neatly or use it as a bracelet accessory is fine too.

Irene and Seulgu (Red Velvet) are all enchanted with their hair. Seulgi also deliberately chose to match the shirt color.

Nancy used her hair to tie her multi-colored cloth to her bracelet.

Thanks to the promotion of a series of hot hit stars that chun has to wear fabric hair, it is also a accessory to be admired by the connoisseurs of Kim's country. Just help hair neat, chun forced hair fabric also bring natural features, dreaming but still full of trendy for the face.

Chun forced her hair to have a plain color or outstanding color. With this accessory, you can use it when tying ponytail, low hair, bun, hair tie or hair on both sides. More elaborate, many girls also buy a multi-colored cloth suit to change tor - sun - tor also every day.