This is one of the shoes that the office lady indispensable in the closet

Referring to the shoes for her office, there are countless different designs. From doll shoes, sports shoes, mule shoes . however, there is a design that many women overlook but extremely important: slingback shoes.

It seems that the strong attraction of the high-heeled shoes always makes her captivated and is considered as a secret charm of women. High heels have long been a manifesto and symbol of femininity. The sparkling Marr-Janes shoes for trendy girls, are the Stiletto, the familiar Ktiten heel of elegant office girls, or the break-out Lita's, which stand out for parties . Slingback in addition to Considered as a trend of `` nail '' accessories of 2019, with fancy and diverse variations, many choices for girls must be the reasons why they should own for I have a Slingback for a perfect fashion look.

Stylish streetstyle, modern. This summer, Slingback has become one of the most popular shoe trends in fashionista. Simple, elegant and diverse models and many designs, it is not difficult to slingback 'squeeze' into the stylish streetstyle of any fashion lady.

From all activities such as going to work, going out, partying . you can choose for yourself a pair of slingback because of their absolute versatility. Designed with only one strap on the back to help girls easily show off her lovely heels, trendy pointed nose and very diverse heels from as low as kitten hells to 5-7 inches or even canoe soles , or can be easily pointed or square young, dynamic, depending on the preferences of the girls.

Slingback shoes have the same design as regular shoes but have a thin straps stretching behind the heels, exposing lovely heels. This shoe shape is usually pointed and has a variety of heels. It can be as low as kitten heels to high heels and canoe designs. The shoes also come in a variety of colors and patterns for you to choose according to your style.

This shoe is impressive and has a modern and modern feel so it can be suitable for many styles, whether going to work or playing well. If the point of the toe helps "lengthen" the foot significantly, the thin string behind the heel of the shoe creates a relaxed and relaxed impression. With this shoe model, you can mix with the office suits standing up to the soft skirt designs, even the mix with dynamic young jeans are also suitable.