Toc Tien owned a fortune from the brand bags before rumors of getting married?

Recently, many rumors said that she is in the process of completing a "super huge" villa in Dalat to prepare to go home with Hoang Touliver - the leading music producer in Vietnam. Although insiders have not yet confirmed, many fans said that if the couple came to the same house, both would not only "fever" the entertainment industry because of their talents but also because of their "huge" assets. .

In terms of Toc Tien, not only is the singer being very "sought" at Vbiz, she is also a "prominent" fashion icon that is always at the forefront of the trend and very carefully updating expensive branded items. Although he has never "pounded the box" or showed close-ups of his closet space, but looking at the way that Toc Tien carries a bag every day to the street, people can hardly dazzle at the price of each item.

Appearing at the big stages, the image of Toc Tien with unique and eye-catching outfits always captured the attention of fans.

Even when down the street with a simpler outfit, 8X beauty will not make people tired of eyes because the screen changes every day a style. Whether personality, sexy or dirt cake, Toc Tien is easily conquered with only its own mix match formulas.

The store of the female singer's brand stores all items of all designs, from a series of leading brands in the world. to cater to the luxury of the city. Sometimes sexy and arrogant carrying armpit grip bag with a black dress.

At the time "dressed" personality and sexy with combo jeans, striking piercing shirt and trendy bag set.

Toc Tien also shows the level of tolerance when not hesitate to buy the bags costing several hundred million, as long as the item is suitable for the outfit as well as be "welcomed" by the brand ladies. Put on his blue and white outfit, luxurious design as a highlight for the whole simple.

Interested in a line of famous bags for a while, in addition to the design made from tweed fabric, Toc Tien also owns a trendy silver bag version which is cheaper, approximately VND 100 million.

Loyal to the inner underwear fashions, but Toc Tien has never been criticized or provoked fans' eyes. Because besides choosing colors so harmoniously, she also cleverly mix match with personality pants to balance the sexy for the whole. With this semi-closed outfit, there is nothing more suitable than a stylish hip bag with the price up to more than 120 million VND.

Sometimes, Toc Tien also "hunts" for vintage bags that have been produced a long time ago to satisfy their brand playing style. Orange double croptop area with simple high waist jeans, a cute hand bag is enough to increase the level of the overall.

It can be said that, with multi-color fashion style, the voice "I am not the only" devoted most of love to the black bags. Because not only does it match with every color of the outfit, the black bag also creates a luxurious and classy look for the owner.

One of the designs that was once contested by women cannot be absent in Toc Tien's closet. The unique saddle-shaped bag design is often associated with beauties born in 1989 with bold and rebellious outfits.

On the street with a healthy style and tight croptop shirt combined with wide-legged pants, Toc Tien coordinated an orange-red tree with a ton - sur - ton handbag worth more than 60 million. To highlight the liberal and stylish appearance, the singer does not wear high heels but wears impressive horizontal strap sandals.

Tu "pair of cages" possesses a round shape and a straps both elegant and luxurious, Toc Tien combines harmoniously with the color with two-wire skirt and pointy shoes. The whole map, though only wearing a dominant brown tone, but anyone looking at it praised relentlessly for eye-catching.