1 year I fell was 80 kg only thanks to drinking water filter

Jennifer fell is 80 kg, 90 kg heavier and she currently continues to persevere to achieve the goal of 70 kg, weight loss, fast weight loss, lose fat, lose weight due to water ...

It is the affirmation and is the fact that the British girl Jennifer Downard was achieved in more than a year made a special weight loss mode.

Picture 1 of 1 year I fell was 80 kg only thanks to drinking water filter Photo 1 of 1 year I fell was 80 kg only thanks to drinking water filter

Compared to the wedding day, now has a much more streamlined Downard Jennifer.

Inherited the family's obesity gene, from when on level 3, Jennifer Downard was 118 kg to. However she has never thought of losing weight and keeping the habit like junk food and lazy to exercise. Until doctors warned of the risk of her standing in front of some dangerous diseases caused by obesity, then Jennifer Downard was at the threshold of 170kg. Lose weight or die? This question has been going back in her days. And she decided to lose weight anyway.

Lucky thing than other people, just after a year, her brother had dropped 90 kg thanks to drinking water filter tips. First, to lose weight, she has used the software counts the calories absorbed each packed, and she very suddenly when know the amount of calories each day consume up to 3000.

It has become the driving force to help Jennifer up weight loss plan. The biggest difficulty with the obesity is always has the feeling of hunger and appetite any food whatsoever in sight. So to curb this habit again, Jennifer Downard has to learn to drink water every time a "pale pale mouth mouth". The thing is people hate mineral water or filtered water for the bland, tasteless.

However, if the type of soda or fresh water, the effect of weight will no longer. So, she had to supplement a number of special additives to increase attractiveness for the cup of water is often the day without gaining weight. Each morning after the wake, the first thing you do is hold the cup of water to drink. And then, just 2 hours, though thirsty or not, you drink a large glass of water. If you have to go out, then the first indispensable to her water bottles.

So long, gradually, she created for her drinking habit whenever free, upset or hungry. Water as a salvation to you. In particular, before every meal, she never forgot to drink water. A cup of water before meals 200 ml size makes her little appetite the food over.

Along with drinking more, she is also actively pursuing the diet and justified as follows:

-Count calories: she always comply strictly with counting calories for each serving. This helps you control the food absorb daily and in the correct weight loss roadmap.

-Reduce the amount of sugar and starch in the diet: starting weight, I have to find ways to block the feeding habits of sweet fruit, confectionery, starch and fast food. She slowly put the fruits low in sugar, and in particular, more vegetables into the diet each packed.

-Practice: after a month of changing diets, Jennifer started Zumba exercises, and gradually increases the intensity of the workout. At first, every day can she just spend 10 minutes to Zumba dance exercise. She then gradually increasing the duration of each training session up into 20 minutes, 30 minutes and as she currently spends up to 1 a per day. Just like that, a year to maintain the diet and exercise, Jennifer fell is 80 kg. She currently weighs 90 kg and continued perseverance to reach the target of 70 kg.=

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