3 dining habits making you often have to use medication

Too fat diets will cause illness for your body.

Eat too much, so no

If you eat too will make the stomach strain excessively, Peristaltic contractions slowed, digestive secretions is not enough, the food is not digested most of obstruction of digestive function, leading to aging.

Something more too are not good, remember that. You should stop when you've felt no pressure to avoid heavily onto the body.

Skip a meal

Remove packed not conducive to health. First, you will probably need many more calori to compensate for part of the energy shortfall when the body needs. Second, the more likely you will have to eat a lot at night (at that body's activity level is low); so no energy consumption which area of the grease.

In other words, eating time is important. Many studies indicate that not only the total calorie absorbed each day is important, but now my eating also need to note it is best to only eat breakfast ... big time you many activities, eating smaller meals in less time and don't miss the activities packed after 4-5 hours from now.

But the fat diets too

The most important thing is to avoid animal fats are harmful to health and should focus on group benefit fat or plant origin like olive oil, avocado, nuts, dark chocolate, ... Research shows that these foods help promote metabolism and is the source contains the antioxidants that are beneficial to health.=


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