3 things work to prevent cancer cells from growing: You should eat every day to stay away from the danger

1. Signs that the cancer is clustering

Swelling of lymph nodes

This is where lymphocytes participate in immunity and kill germs. If you notice that the lymph nodes are swollen and painful, check with the hospital to see if they are caused by a malignant tumor.

Weight loss

When cancer is present, the body's weight will be significantly reduced, some people lose more than 10 kg in a short time. If you lose weight for no reason, you should check your health as quickly as possible. For normal people, it is very rare to lose weight unless you are on a weight-loss diet, or exercise to reduce fat.

Blood in the stool

Some people have black stools, or alternating constipation and diarrhea, be wary of gastrointestinal cancer, tumors when penetrating the mucosa will cause the above phenomena. In addition, black stools such as stool in the stool can be caused by ulcers or other problems in the upper part of the digestive tract.

2. 3 foods have outstanding benefits in preventing cancer

1, Garlic

Studies have shown that garlic is considered to be a food that prevents cancer because of its high relevance to its ingredients.

First, the garlic contains relatively high levels of allicin. This ingredient not only helps to kill some bacteria, fungi, mold and parasites in the body but can also reduce the harmful effects of these harmful bacteria on people and improve their ability. body immunity.

Second, garlic also contains natural antioxidants, while antioxidants are the most direct antidote to remove free radicals. Research shows that levels of free radicals in people have much higher cancer than healthy people.

It can be seen that free radicals are one of the most important factors in causing cancer. High-dose allicin supplementation through garlic may reduce the amount of free radicals in the human body and thereby reduce the effectiveness of cancer.

Finally, the essential oil in garlic has a certain decomposition effect on some harmful substances accumulated in the human body for many years as a kind of poisoning.

These harmful substances are easy to mutate and divide normal human cells, and some will separate into cancer cells. Meanwhile, garlic has a certain protective effect on normal cells of the human body.

2, Seafood

The same reason as above we said. There are many foods that after eating will bring certain effects on health. Usually it has a lot to do with the ingredients of each type of food when we offer it for review.

The reason why these seafood dishes (marine animals) have this effect mainly because the content of selenium in seafood is said to be relatively high, this ingredient not only enhances the ability. protects the immune system and protects against viruses, but can also improve the liver's ability to fight off viruses, help prevent recurrent liver disease.

At the same time, seafood is also a dish that can reduce the symptoms of hepatitis, enhance the treatment effect of the drug and reduce the risk of developing hepatitis into liver cancer.

Besides, seafood containing high levels of selenium also has detoxification function, which can help us reduce liver damage due to toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, benzene and arsenic.

Finally, selenium supplementation is also important to reduce adverse reactions such as hair loss, vomiting and leukopenia due to chemotherapy. The content of selenium in seafood is relatively high, so you should eat seafood more often.

3, Sweet potato

In the list of anti-cancer vegetables and fruits, sweet potatoes are always ranked first. Research shows that the anti-cancer rate of sweet potatoes is as high as 98%, the proportion of anti-cancer sweet potatoes (unprocessed) is 94%.

Statistical research data show that sweet potatoes containing glycolipid and redox isoandrosterone can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, while deoxyepiandrosterone can inhibit and destroy cancer cells, Great for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer and colon cancer.

There are many other foods that also work against cancer, not just these three foods. If you are interested, you can learn more in other articles to complement your family's daily menu.