5 delicious fruits but absolutely not eat in the evening, especially the 4th fruit


The nutritional content of oranges with vitamin C is good for human health. Especially for young children it can help increase antibodies and make children reduce many diseases

However, you should not drink orange juice before going to bed because the amount of acid on your teeth will attack and damage your enamel. In addition, the orange juice also has a diuretic effect, making it easier to urinate at night leading to insomnia.


In the nutritional composition of avocado, it works to reduce cholesterol and blood fat, protect cardiovascular system, blood vessels and liver, strengthen stomach, intestinal purification . But this is a fruit with many nutrition. So every day, only one fruit should be eaten, not too much

In addition, there are very high levels of vegetable fat in avocado, not suitable for those who want to lose weight. When you eat in the evening it is easy to cause bloating, dyspepsia.

Durian do not eat in the evening


Mangosteen is considered a very nutritious fruit, with vitamins such as B1, C, protein, fat, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron . In addition, in the nutritional composition of mangosteen It also contains a mixture of natural Xanthones antibodies that have extremely effective bactericidal, antibacterial.

When eating mangosteen want to add mangosteen to the menu for desserts or snacks during the day and should avoid eating in the evening because it can cause sleep indigestion.


Durian is an extremely nutritious fruit but also a very good remedy for many people. Naturally, if you eat durian fruit in the evening will cause heat in, chrome rashes.

Besides, because durian fruit has high nutrient content, it is not good for people with blood pressure and diabetes, as well as cardiovascular disease. The advice of doctors is that you should not eat durian before going to bed to reduce possible complications.

Dragon does not eat in the evening

Dragon fruit

In the composition of nutritious dragon fruit, there are many unexpected health benefits. Dragon fruit contains many micro-elements such as vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, B3, calcium, phosphorus, iron which are good for human health.

Besides, dragon fruit is considered an effective slimming fruit and is effective in preventing constipation. However, you should not eat dragon fruit, which is also a sugar-rich fruit, should not be eaten much in the evening causing digestive disorders.