7 small signs of waking up are all subjective but warning health problems, number 5 many people suffer

Some typical small symptoms early in the morning are likely to silently signal a type of illness.

1. Swelling

If the night before sleep late, the next morning may appear swelling in the face area, just a little movement will run out. However, if this condition does not decrease and persist for a long time, especially in the eyelid, you should pay attention to the medical examination of the liver, kidney and heart to find out the cause and treatment.

2. Wake up too early

The morning of 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning can also be a sign of illness. Waking up early, the body feels extremely tired but unable to sleep, if it is accompanied by a feeling of discomfort, this is a state of insomnia associated with conditions such as depression, psychology The spirit encounters obstacles.

3. A wake up sleep has a hard joint that does not work

Waking up felt abnormal stiff joints, sometimes related to limiting movement, aches and pains, rather than arthritis . If this is the case in the elderly, rheumatism is not ruled out, Osteoarthritis . In addition, it may be skin hypersensitivity diseases such as dermatitis, erythema multiforme . morning symptoms.

Picture 1 of 7 small signs of waking up are all subjective but warning health problems, number 5 many people suffer

Picture 1 of 7 small signs of waking up are all subjective but warning health problems, number 5 many people suffer

4. Dizziness, headache

Some people often experience headaches or dizziness after waking up. These symptoms are considered normal and the explanation may be due to deep sleep, body fatigue. In fact, when symptoms are dizzy, you may have degenerated cervical spine, causing compression of the arteries leading blood to the brain in the spine, causing anemia. This symptom can also be caused by high blood fat, which forms atherosclerosis in the artery.

5. After getting up, feel hungry

Getting up when you feel hungry is like a normal expression, but if you are feeling hungry, about 4 or 5 hours, you will feel normal again, accompanied by a dry mouth, thirsty, chances are you are There are signs of diabetes.

6. Smelly breath

Morning breathing is directly related to your diet and activity, you should avoid stimulating drinks. Also, heavy smelling breaths in the morning are also a sign for your attention. to his liver and stomach. You should not eat much at night; restricting eating undigested meat and fat; Eat lots of fruits and vegetables Brush your teeth after eating. Should use more mouthwashes and chewing gum.

7. Get up and feel nauseous and vomiting

Women during pregnancy if the morning sickness is strong, the morning may feel nauseated. But if the average person in the morning also feels nauseous, vomiting, the brushing of the teeth becomes even more obvious. This situation, if it is continuous for a long time, cannot be solved, first think about chronic sore throat, gastritis or hepatitis, disease of chronic gallbladder .

8. After I woke up, I went to the bathroom to find something unusual

Urination after morning waking may reflect some pathological signs. If you drink a little water the day before, the next day you see the urine is dark, that is a normal sign. But if the previous day drank enough water, the next day the urine was still dark, even with a little blood, it could be a manifestation of the urinary tract infection or kidney disease.

The specific manifestations of the body in the early morning need to pay attention enough not to be too subjective but ignore the opportunities to discover their own diseases.

9. Sweating

In the morning, waking up sweaty people can be caused by many reasons: Low blood sugar, body imbalance, and dysfunction of internal organs . During meals you need to pay attention to eating More fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.

If you are taking medication for conditions such as diabetes, tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, etc., you should consult your doctor to prescribe medications that make your body less sweaty.

10. Dark circles in the eyes

You have dark circles in your eyes, which is a warning sign for many symptoms. You may be losing sleep a lot or the night before drinking coffee may also be due to irregular periods. Also dark circles in the eyes also indicate chronic diseases such as chronic liver gastritis; poor digestion; allergic rhinitis

To overcome this symptom, you should eat plenty of sesame, soybean peanut carrot chicken liver, pig liver and other vitamin A-rich foods. In addition, you should also combine the eye massage, eat and sleep, avoid the night.

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