Black bean juice, mistakes when drinking black bean juice daily

Drinking black beans daily for roasting is the simplest way to purify and eliminate body toxins. However, if you make these mistakes when drinking, it is easy to bring more human diseases:

1. Effect when drinking black bean juice roasted daily

Black beans are roasted without being familiar to people, it is a familiar drink of the Vietnamese people, simple processing should be sold widely outside the restaurant as well as families cooking for cooling, reducing love. internal heat, purifying the body.

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In addition, it also contains many vitamins B, A, and D, mineral salts are also high in protein, fiber, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effective, help prevent cancer, protect cardiovascular health. , reduce the risk of diabetes, blood fat, improve brain activity. In addition, it also helps to brighten the eyes, beautify the skin, cool the liver, supplement the kidneys, add blood, so it has long been a familiar medicine in Oriental medicine.

Many effects are so, the processing is quite simple: Roasted black beans on the kitchen, then either roasted black beans into the boiling water, leave for 5-7 minutes and then pick up the drinking water gradually. or to store black beans in a box, an airtight container, when you want to drink, soak black beans and roast them with hot water to drink gradually, there are many things to pay attention to during the processing process as well as use of drinking water black everyday, guys

2. Mistakes when drinking black bean water

Drink filtered water instead

Many families have a habit of drinking black beans instead of filtered water, but doctors claim this is not recommended. In black beans, there are many good nutrients, but if loaded too much, the body will be overloaded, not absorbed promptly, thus counteracting, losing nutritional imbalance, causing the body to be deficient in substances and cause diseases about Digest.

According to experts, should only drink black beans 200 - 240ml (equivalent to 1 glass medium). Can add honey and drink in the morning is good for health.

Use black beans to mix milk for young children to drink

Mothers often spread each other's ears by mixing black bean juice with milk for their children to drink and increase their nutritional content, but this is completely wrong. Doctors said that children, especially under 2 years of age, are at risk of becoming cyanotic, suffocating, even dying if drinking black beans with too much milk. Because combining these two things will cause the body to be unable to absorb, causing dangerous reactions.

Children under 6 years of age can drink black beans but only stop at 100-150ml / day.

Roasted black beans before cooking often preserves wrong mold

Many people use the method of roasting black beans before cooking water, but experts say that when using this method without ensuring food safety in any stage, it will be counterproductive.

Black bean sprouts will often last for a long time and then gradually drink like 'tea brakes', this requires careful preservation to avoid moisture and mold. Especially containing aflatoxin causing liver failure is very harmful to health!

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