Do simple things below be sure you'll have Ant waist

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Weight loss in order to have the perfect waist is not difficult.

Stay away from alcohol

Drinking small amounts of alcohol will not make you fat, but too much for fat accumulation in the body more easily. 1 ml of wine can produce 7000 calories a day. Drink lots of wine help heat more, the amount of heat stored continuously makes the body more and more fat, especially belly section.

Abdominal muscle contraction

Regular abdominal muscles contraction and movement, moving continuously. The co, declaring the abdomen regularly to reduce belly fat has long been very many women apply and bring very satisfactory results.

The advantage of this know-how is not making you lose time, you can shrink abdominal terms at any time, when queues, while working in the Office, while on board the vehicle. Very simple but extremely effective if you make regularly and steadily.

Combined with this know-how you can also work out for themselves the methods have the effect is abdominal breathing support anymore, will surely bring you wonderful relaxation feeling.

In particular, like to have standard round 2, you need to create opportunities to mobilize anywhere, anytime, can go stairs instead of the elevator ride, walk instead of ride for the short line, diligently cleaning the House, gardening, walking the animal for a walk, play with your kids ... all of these things make will contribute to energy consumption , except the amount of excessive fat of the body and significantly improve your round 2 very effective.

Get enough sleep

A lot of you girls have the concept that sleeping will cause increased weight. The reality is not so, lack of sleep is the leading cause of making you gain weight by at this body will fatigue and appetite for more. Let's get enough sleep so that your body is healthy and owns the waist like Italy.=

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