Drink tomato juice what would happen to the body?

Tomato juice is delicious, nutritious juices with many benefits.

The tomato is the indispensable ingredient in many dishes and they are used in many ways. One of the most popular choices that is tomato juice. This is the kind of delicious, nutritious juice with many benefits.

Good for the colon

The study indicated that, having in lycopene tomato juice reduces the risk of cancer of the prostate. The amount of lycopene are low increases the likelihood of developing colorectal adenomas, is considered the precursor of colorectal cancer. Fiber and water in the tomato also helps your colon healthy.

Decrease menopause symptoms

Scientists Japan (Tokyo Medical UNIVERSITY) has just said, the tomato juice can help alleviate the physiological changes in menopausal women. The study surveyed over 95 women from 40-60 years old have at least one of the symptoms of menopause as was the hot flushes, insomnia, anxiety, increased heart rate. Participants are to use 200 ml tomato juice 2 times a day for 8 weeks.

The results showed that tomato juice drag significantly reduce menopausal symptoms and especially more benefit is reduced bad cholesterol in the blood. Note, to have effect then you have to use good fresh tomatoes naturally, do not add salt, additives, preservatives and must be pressed at home rather than in the form of fruit juice industry.

Promote the digestive process

Tomato juice improve your digestive system. It is known for the prevention of constipation, especially when combined with spinach juice. This mixture contains more fiber and activate the liver, both are effective in preventing constipation. Tomato juice is also a natural antiseptic, can prevent diarrhea and infections. Some people also find it has an effect in preventing kidney stones, gall.

Reduce cholesterol

No need to be surprised when told of tomatoes that helps lower cholesterol. Fresh tomato juice is one of the best remedies to lower cholesterol. It contains a large amount of fiber, which helps break down LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the body. Tomatoes also contain niacin, the substance is proven to have positive effects in reducing cholesterol levels.=


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