Eating kohlrabi is very good but here are the things to know that you should not bring disaster to your body

Those who absolutely do not eat kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is a food that can be processed in many ways. However, if eaten raw content will be higher, but can cause abdominal pain for some people difficult to digest.

Even people with stomach pain, children should not give raw kohlrabi salad or eat it directly. According to Oriental medicine, eating a lot of kohlrabi will have a loss of blood and blood.

In addition, kohlrabi can contain goitrogens, common plant compounds in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower . can cause thyroid swelling. Therefore, people with thyroid dysfunction should refrain from using kohlrabi.

Eating a lot of kohlrabi causes loss of blood and gas:

According to Oriental medicine, kohlrabi has a cool, slightly bitter taste, has an effect of sputum, refreshment, detoxification, water retention, inflammation, and helps the stomach. Mainly used to treat cloudy urine, bloody diarrhea, unexplained boils, spleen, fire, and unconsciousness.

However, oriental medicine doctors still advise you not to eat too much kohlrabi because kohlrabi can detoxify, diuretic, so when eating a lot of purification process takes place too strong will cause the body to lose blood gas.

Some remedies from kohlrabi:

Sputum consumption: Wash or slice the kohlrabi leaves. Stir in sesame oil and cook as soup. Eat 1-2 times a day. Or kohlrabi remove crushed bark, add honey. When eating combine drink with boiled water.

Dry, thirsty mouth: Cut, crushed kohlrabi, add sugar and boiled water, use raw food.

Pepper boil: Kohlrabi bring pounding to put on pain. Or crushed kohlrabi, squeeze water to drink.

How to choose and buy kohlrabi:

- When buying kohlrabi, choose tubers of medium to small size, with many young leaves because young kohlrabi are usually sweeter and softer.

- Choose the bulbs intact, natural colors, fresh, firm and heavy hands, not cracking or cracking, not withering, no strange smell (smell of spoiled vegetables, chemicals, .)

- Do not choose bulbs that are too fat, glossy, unusually fresh, as they may have absorbed a significant amount of plant protection chemicals and growth stimulants.