Food, medicine from Enokitake

People often use the Enokitake with many other foods. Here are some typical examples:

Formula 1: Enokitake 300-500 g, 150 g 150 g fresh squid, chicken, chicken eggs 1 result, carrot, cucumber, fresh ginger, cooking oil, flour and just enough spice to the donation. Enokitake washed, blanched over boiling water, drained; fresh squid strips, not boiling water along with the cheers of the crushed fresh ginger; chicken strips marinated in spices, egg white and a bit waxy powder; pour cooking oil into the frying pan, heat the old for mushrooms, chicken and squid stir-fry, used the fire to quickly hand, when is bring the disk, using the carrot and cucumber flowers trimmed presentation around, eat hot. Uses: Additional Central gas utility, sound investment, increased plasma nutrients essential utility.

Recipe 2: Enokitake 150 g pork liver, cooked strips 150 g 50 g flowers, chives, sliced just 50 g, 50 ml water, fresh ginger, garlic, oil and just enough spice. Pour cooking oil into the Pan, and add the mushrooms, fragrant garlic for pig's liver, radishes into FRY, add ginger, spices and broth just enough, when near was for chives in the module, to fire more quickly, the island is are few minutes, serve hot. Uses: Sue o useful work gas can, Bhikkhu, handy location cancer resistance.

formula 3: Enokitake 300 g 200 g beef, sugar beet, radish 50 g 100 g green asparagus, potatoes, sugar beet, fresh ginger juice 1, Bouillon, cooking oil and just enough spice. Enokitake rinse, remove the roots, cut approximately 5 cm; bamboo shoots and turnips strips; thin pieces of beef to a ginger marinated, and spices; use pieces of beef kimchi mushroom rolls, bamboo shoots and turnips and bring cleaning water; then boil the water used, enough spice and add a little waxy powder and then remove the beef roll into the rim thoroughly, serve hot with raw vegetables. Uses: events, marine target can nourishing Bhikkhu thũng, handy location cancer resistance.

Recipe 4: Enokitake 300 g, 150 g pork, prawns, peas 50 g 20 g nõn, eggs, cooking oil, flour, 1 knife and just enough spice. Wash the mushrooms, blanched through boiling water, drained; Bacon into strips, marinated in spices and chicken egg white; wash the peas; pour cooking oil into the Pan, garlic and aromatic nõn for shrimp and for chicken stir-fry, the next for mushrooms and peas, cooked to the fire, the island quickly as long as a minute is up, serve hot. Uses: events, additional sound can nourishing Bhikkhu, handy location cancer resistance.

Enokitake used very good for children who are of age developed, those malnutrition, anemia, damage to physical problems, increased blood pressure, blood lipid disorders, atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes mellitus, cancer ... However, according to traditional medicine, Enokitake sweetness, computer cool should those frivolous weak position, or full Bhikkhu abdomen, slow, ragged liquid bowel should not used.=