Food storage time in the refrigerator how long will not harm?

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Store food properly and tidy helps parents do not feel tired when are the continental food in cabinets, also helps parents save more in spending for food and plate at all the family are also the most delicious food, especially will not carry the disease to people.

Photo : Food storage time in the refrigerator how long will not harm?

Food storage time in the refrigerator how long will not harm? Let's know food storage time in the refrigerator right to not harm health.

Fresh milk

Milk is a perishable food from when opening the packaging, although you have preserved in the refrigerator, so it's best to sample the flavors of the milk before use if they preserve lot on right. Salat eggs, chicken, tuna, Macaroni and. ..

If purchased ready-made canned then preserved are from 3-5 days after opening the box. If food is cooked then carefully wrap, conservation needs to be from 2-3 days. Tomato

You know the tomato is not necessarily so in the refrigerator? Parents can feel secure when the tomatoes to the outside but remember not to wrap in plastic bags of tomatoes. Carrot

Carrots are best advised to store food in bags and in to the fridge is 3 weeks. Ransom melon wrapped in plastic and let in the refrigerator's vegetable to be a week. Garlic and shallot

Two of this type need to separate out for help and the smell and to in. Similar to sweet potatoes can keep for two weeks. Meat, fish, eggs

Particularly for fresh food such as meat, fish, or eggs as you need to. Bacon has not yet opened the package can store meat packaging in two weeks, after the opening of a week, but if I want to take longer than two weeks leave in the icebox.

Fresh food such as fish, squid, shrimp, ... unprocessed right mother please wrapped in a layer of moist paper and then to the refrigerator's compartment but not possible to note too the day me, otherwise clean, put in a plastic bag in the fridge and private archives in the freezer.

The egg to the fridge can be from two weeks until they expire, but I don't miss the out of the box. Sausage, hot dogs

If not open the packaging, you can still preserve the sausages according to the manufacturer's expiry date printed on the packaging. However if we have opened using only the best in week.