His foremost waste toxins in the liver which day you should also make

The liver is the Department directly filter the toxins of the body and then "get rid" of it externally to help healthy body not poisoned.

However, when working in a long time the liver itself will also be tainted by it, you should regularly detoxification to help healthy liver.

A glass of warm lemon water every morning is the way to your body.

How the liver detoxification by lemon

A glass of warm lemon water every morning is the way to your body, strengthen your resistance and support for your digestive system. In addition, during the day you can also drink water mixed with a few spoons of lemon juice is also very good.

However, you should note a few things when using this detoxification method:

-Because of the acidic lemon so you should not drink when hungry because it can harm the stomach, feeling nausea, fatigue, high ... When drinking diluted with water is needed to avoid the effects of the acid.

-Lemon contains more vitamin C so if too much drinking can cause excess vitamin c. vitamin C excess body can create gravel (oxalate, urat); digestive disorders, decreased endurance, affects the worsening of the symptoms of gastric reflux disease of the esophagus.

Eat vegetables they wealth

Vegetables such as mustard, carrots, radishes, cabbage, Brassica, ... be considered food detoxification of the liver the most secure and efficient for you. Thanks to the sulfur substances they will increase the ability to detoxify the liver and helps the liver healthier.

Regularly eating vegetables they reform will help you have a healthy liver.


From time immemorial, honey is famous foods detox and beauty. In honey contain many vitamins and essential amino acids for the human body. Use honey regularly have articles except for toxins, and also has certain effects in the prevention of the diseases of the blood vessels or the nervous breakdown.=


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