How to baby House you don't get lice when to school?

Head lice or lice (southern Vietnam) is species of parasitic insects that reside in the skin and hair of the head. Head lice live by sucking the blood host people as well as animals. Head lice parasites cause itchy, uncomfortable for humans, the cause is usually due to unhygienic lifestyles.

Head lice parasites cause itchy, unpleasant to humans.

Signs were head lice bites

When lice bite, one has the feeling: itchy and are scratching their heads several times, feeling the needles on the scalp. The Red streaks on the skin of the head, neck or shoulders, scalp to create scales, too many lousy case may give rise to the infection in the scalp and cause hair loss.

Prevent lice

Because lice spread very rapidly to avoid close contact with people who have head lice at the same time maintain good personal hygiene.

Make the shampoo with vinegar, shampoo with drops of tea tree oil, castor oil or fresh lemon juice, mouthwash. The nuts as nuts apples, nuts, nut custard na can help kill head lice and head lice eggs, can the use of tea tree oil, kerosene, anise seeds. For kids need clean beds, toys, clothing and other supplies.

-Avoid to scratch the baby's first exposure to the other baby because this is precisely the source of spreading head lice, head lice live will spread to and reproduce very rapidly makes baby feel itchy and uncomfortable.

-Not for baby supplies are shared with the other baby lice contagious such as hats, scarves, hair couples ...

-When the baby goes to school, not for the baby is the first chụm on each other

-Check daily to make sure the little head kid home you don't get head lice.

-Hygiene, clean shampoo for baby bath daily.

If the baby gets more parents need to make some of the following methods:

Fine grinding nuts custard (can use seeds or Apple seeds to replace na), with the water into the mixture and make a DAB evenly over the hair and scalp, hair-brewed for about 30 minutes to kill head lice and head lice eggs.

Shampoo for baby by baby's professional shampoo mixed with ¼ teaspoon of tea tree oil. Shampoo in 1 week.

DAB are sufficient amounts of oil onto the scalp and hair, to overnight, then wash. The secret strategies used to sort out the baby head lice

DAB vinegar all over the baby heads up all, baby hair and then wash.

Use mayonnaise massage the scalp and hair for 2 hours, then comb the hair and wash. This is a very effective remedy to destroy take root louse.

Pour 1 amount of mouthwash onto hair and rub the scalp. Then use the shampoo wash.

In addition parents can use fresh lemon juice, castor oil to shampoo and baby equipment is also very effective.=


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