How to eat to the body stay healthy, prevent cancer

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How to eat to the body stay healthy, prevent cancer Let's Eat science to non-cancer.


Today, people are puzzled and worried before the reality of cancer more and more and the lives of many people. So how to prevent cancer or to accept it as a fate? and here the diet helps prevent cancer such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer ... Each month please maintain a vegetarian 4-5 days

To purge the body and enhances resistance to help you fight the cancer effectively, do the vegetarian diet 4-5 days/month. Fasting also helps you change the taste and will see more delicious food, absorb nutrients better. Maintain a reasonable body weight

Status of underweight, overweight have higher cancer risk so please maintain reasonable level of weight by training sport daily regularity and sensible diet.

Women in menopausal age should not to gain too much because it is a risk that lead to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood fat and cancer.

Those who work in the Office, should create conditions for the body to mobilize as much as possible.
Should not make weight loss regime so critical, the body lacks nutrients would have no resistance against disease-causing factors especially cancer. On the mode of living

You try to live in moderation, sleeping from 7-8 hours per day (but not more than 9 hours). Go to bed before 11 p.m. is the best. Sleep is very important for your health, because lack of sleep will depress the immune system. Constant lack of sleep is one of the causes of many diseases, including cancer. Also try alternating different activities during the day.