Lose weight fast and safe: die 'body'

many people still think that can lose weight fast and safe by purifying the body (detox), but there have been cases of death due to heavy, quick weight loss, detox., ...

The weight loss fast and secure you can make is with 4 simple ways to do each day.

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Heavy shock, mortality due to weight loss by purifying the body

Many people hear the word of mouth has made each a type of weight loss by fasting from body purification of drinking lemon juice sugar, lemon salt; person for sugar, salt, even chili. Not a few people a few days after the body has fallen into a State of dizziness, dizziness, difficulty breathing, fainting, even death.

You Rhododendron-a teacher in Hanoi had resolved to make the body purification when known method of purifying the body in round 1and 2 days, drinking only lemon juice sugar to 1 liter of water recipe made 3 to 6 lemon with sugar sweet just enough. Shivaji was fasting, drinking only lemon juice sugar with about 4-6 litres per day, to drink instead of 3 meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The process of implementation experience weight loss by purifying the body, Shivaji had to fight with myself. The song was only 8 days she must abort mid-way because heavy shock.

"His initial 12-day purification theorem but must give up halfway. His first day of fasting, on Monday morning, totally go drink a quart of salt water and about 4 liters of water with lemon sugar. Before that, I have a history of stomach pain should also slightly worried, but 4 first day seeing healthy, normal teaching. On Friday, himself forced to increase the amount of sugar in lemonade, then see the headaches, dizziness as blood deficiency to the brain, then brushing teeth painful bleeding fangs.

Finally the 8th day must stop because of dizziness, shortness of breath, sometimes like to fainted despite weighing not reduced much. To the body back to normal, I have to eat porridge, eaten sweet potato thinner "-Suicidal sisters share.

Remember, the death of female students 18 years of fasting weight loss has been the community's attention. According to the family's account, the patient weighs about 80 kg, higher than 1m60, not too fat but because inferiority decided fasting weight loss with method "12 on purifying the body".

After a 10-day hunger strike, not eating any food, just drinks take slightly with the desire to lose weight by purifying the body, female students were reduced to 76kg but again. Female students were taken to the Thanh Nhan (Hanoi) in non-vascular condition, no blood pressure, brain dead.

Unscientific methods

PGS. DR. Naing Lin (National Institute of nutrition) said, the method to lose weight by weight loss or body purification detox is not a scientific method. This is the method of mouth each other with simple methods such as using sugar cane juice, lemonade, some siblings accompanied by chili grind fruit to drink. However, in terms of nutrition are not encouraged to follow this method.

Drinking water regularly with only small energy of sugar cane juice, honey, then the total energy put into a day will not be enough for the minimal metabolism of the body, because only such guarantee 400-500kcal/day. The energy put into the body is so very low, according to the recommendations of the clinical home to lose weight there are many methods but made the energy still needs to make sure not to be lower than 800 kilocal per day and enough amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Lose weight with detox in addition to low energy, food rations have no vitamins, minerals. That makes the body difficult to adapt, can causes hypoglycemia, blood pressure, metabolic disorders, not healthy enough to work.

"The best method is the need to have the advice of a doctor. Weight loss must be done slowly and make scientific, there diet control and implement physical activity to increase energy consumption by the body. Exercise 30 minutes a day like walking, biking, ... Should not eat too because just eat too 100 kg to walk 30 minutes from cal's new goal is to lose weight. For example eating a banana pepper average, mango cheeks have equivalent 100kcal "-ASSOC. DR. Nguyen Thi Lam advised.

According to experts, the incidence of pneumonia, malignancy of the blood, anemia, heart disease, severe weakness, the kids are great ... absolutely should not apply any weight loss method. Your woes for healthy weight loss, wanted should only apply at work not too much and not have the pressure. And instead of completely fasting, people should eat a diet of "clean" by clean, balanced food groups of nutrients, eat more vegetables, fruit and meat reduction.=

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