Night train station food drop without worry about gaining weight ever

(MissNews)-If you want to weigh not increase when you use these night eating food here to that does not happen, the dishes at night don't worry about weight gain, health, ...

Busy work, you have to stay up late. An additional source of energy for the body. Therefore, you should also be cautious when choosing food. Here are some of the night and good for your health without cause.

Photo : Night train station food drop without worry about gaining weight ever

Night train station food drop without worry about gaining weight ever Eating almonds will do you have no sense.


Is almond nuts provide fiber, protein and omega 3 fatty acids are great for the body. Eating almonds will do you have no sense, and the combination of the same fiber fat will promote the process of metabolism accelerates the process of burning calories. Chicken eggs

According to research by the scientists, using chicken eggs in the night meal not the good for human health, that it is the source of nutritional supplements, energy for the nervous system, helps maintain the algae for working people's mind.

However, eggs must also properly. You need to eat eggs have cooked, because not only the egg yolks contain nutritional elements, but also a lot of the harmful bacteria. When the eggs are cooked, yet the bacteria easily invade the body, especially at night, when temperatures drop, from which cause the diseases of the digestive tract. Whole grains

This is food with a lot of carbohydrates to help increase the amount of tryptophan-an acid produces serotonin. However, macaroni, and white bread will increase the amount of sugar in the blood leads to sleep not delicious. So you should choose the type as porridge, cereal grains rich in fiber or toast from whole grains. Hot milk

Bedtime drink a glass of hot milk will be the best sleeping potion. Milk will help you easily go to sleep over at the same time tasty and will sleep more deeply. By raw milk contains tryptophan-a substance having the effect of causing drowsiness. A cup of hot milk before bed will not make us gain weight that will complement the calcium to the body. Mineral water

Before drinking, the Board should heat the mineral water from 3-5 minutes. The reason is because the water is boiled, the harmful substances contained in the water such as chloride, nitrite will be destroyed. Drink water when night work will help "lubricate" the activity of the nervous system and enhances vision, do you become more awake. While moderate drinking should only come on the right night urination to you.