Osteoarthritis, symptoms of osteoarthritis

Female patients over 50 years of age have a history of cervical spinal disc herniation. Recently, there was a lot of pain, so she had a bit of a sensory sensation in a healer. 6 hours later, her right leg appears an increasing numbness accompanied by a feeling of heavy legs.

After just over an hour, the patient's right leg did not budge. That terrible feeling gradually spread to the other leg and finally, from the breast area down to the bottom of her legs, she lost her mobility and feeling completely, her hands were numb and weak.

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The family was too anxious to rush to the Provincial Hospital and transferred directly to Viet Duc Hospital. Dr. Tran Quoc Khanh, the Department of Spinal Surgery directly visited, appointed patients with emergency magnetic resonance imaging to find the cause.

The results showed that female patients with very large hematoma pinched heavy cervical spine. That is the cause of her legs paralysis. The emergency surgery was carried out at nearly half an hour and ended after two hours. Large hematomas in the patient's spinal cord are removed, releasing the nerve nerve compression.

Patients take about 3 days to resuscitate after surgery and transfer to the hospital room. On the 5th day after surgery, the patient's legs were back to normal.

People with osteoarthritis often have the following symptoms:


Joint pain is the most typical symptom of arthritis and lasts throughout the duration of the disease. Because articular cartilage is eroded, joint fluid is much reduced, the two ends of the bone touch each other when moving, so the pain often appears after and increases when exercising, moving, tilting, turning, when going up and down stairs , . However, the later the pain is getting worse, the frequency of pain is more frequent. Even when taking a break, the patient feels pain leading to sleepless nights, leading to other health problems in the patient.


Arthritis can lead to swelling around the joints, making the person feel pain when touched and aching, especially at night. At the site of the swollen joint, there is a sign of redness, warm touch, and the patient feels uncomfortable pain. Moving the joints is difficult, may be numb when moving.

The cry from the joints

In inflamed joints, every movement, stretching, twisting joints, strong movement will appear a crunching sound, cracked from joints. The cause of this condition is that the joint cartilage is worn and the joint is reduced, so the operation of the joint is no longer smooth. The sound emanating from the joints is caused by the two ends of the bones, leading to a cry.

The muscles weaken

The muscles around the joints will become weaker, especially the muscles around the knees. The gradual weakness in muscles can make people afraid to exercise because of pain, leading to less activity of joints and muscles. Over time, if the patient does not have interventions it may lead to muscle atrophy, seriously affecting the health of the patient and threatening mobility.

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