People with nearsightedness should grasp 8 eye care tips later

If you have to wear glasses, your vision is weak. Proper eye care will help improve eye health, which can make eyes more flexible and bright.

Rest your eyes after every 10 minutes of work

Eyes are nearsighted, astigmatism is prone to dryness and fatigue if you have to look at a fixed point for a long time. Every time you work 10 minutes, you should rest your eyes by looking away for about 3 meters, or looking at the trees for 10 seconds.

Cover your eyes with a warm towel and a cold towel

You use a warm towel to warm up your eyes, then when the towel is cool, switch to warming the cold towel to rest your eyes. After warming up the 'warm-cold' towel, you will find your eyes less tired and more visible. If you don't have time, you can use your palms on your eye sockets, then use your fingers to gently rub the eye sockets to enhance blood circulation, help your eyes relax.

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Remove glasses when not needed

If you keep wearing glasses continuously our eyes are dependent on glasses even when looking at objects at close range. If you are below 0.75 degrees, you do not need to wear glasses regularly, but at a threshold of 1-2 degrees, you should wear them only when you need to see things far away, limiting the regulation of the eyes. If you don't have to work or just do simple things, remove the glasses and let the eyes relax. At the same time, wearing glasses should be consulted by a doctor and carefully measured.

When reading books

You should not lie on your back while reading books, you should keep books at least 30cm away from your eyes. You should also take a break between 5 and 10 minutes for your eyes to break. To relax your eyes with glasses, focus on looking at an object about 6m away from you. Never read in low light conditions as this can be stressful with eye regulation.

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Use glass to prevent blue light

Green light emitted from the computer, the phone is very harmful not only with the eyes but also affect the quality of sleep and mental health. Therefore, a pair of glasses that block blue rays is essential for office workers.

Regular eye exams

You should go to an eye doctor to have your vision checked at least once a year, even if you don't have any problems with your eyes. A comprehensive vision test helps you monitor eye health, maintain optimal vision and up-to-date technology.

Do not arbitrarily use drugs

If you experience eye irritation or allergy, never use the medicine arbitrarily. The eye is an extremely sensitive part of the body and should never be taken for testing or slight viewing. Even if you only have dry eyes, it's best to see your doctor to get the most appropriate eye drops.

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Do not share glasses

Never use glasses with relatives or friends. Even though they have the same visual acuity as you, sharing glasses is still an unsanitary task. This is especially true when the person has an eye infection; Meanwhile, keep your personal items separate, as towels, soap or even clothing can spread the bacteria.

Moreover, your eyes need to take some time to regulate with new glasses, so you should only use your glasses to ensure vision.

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