Surprised with the poison 'laced' fruit ripe, long term damage!

Just laced a little chemicals are the fruits such as bananas, jackfruit, durian, butter, grapes ... fresh long, rotten, no bletted. Huai to, chemicals, fruit, banana, jackfruit, durian, butter, grapes ...

Not too difficult to buy these types of chemicals. That kind of transparency such as distilled water, there kinds make paper paste volume as Lake students. Mostly forbidden chemicals, toxins, or not in the category, but the pesticide is being traded spills into the last months of the year.

A variety of "smoking" laced fruit

Us together with he T (Long Khanh, Dong Nai), a fruit traders way to store chemicals "Kh" (Xang, District 5, HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM) is in the market to purchase Needles. I T was a familiar customer of the store. Met him, Mrs. H, store owners have reassure said: "Critically, the stars snorkeling so long.

Now eastern end service durian, Rambutan. Children are doing now what? "." Oh, enough waitress ... Today you have a new drug "Blueberries" for fresh fruit, no longer refer to squirt with "-I T.

Only hands on those canisters plastic blue, white quart 25 construction san up front store, she H says: "Those kinds which she entered on new from Mong Cai. I considered what would be my sister introduced. That would also "increase phọt" and keep fresh fruit at all ".

After observing, I T just in a plastic can burn a neat word most "ball", and then say: "my sister get me that thing". "Yes, I type for 80 thousand Dong/liter. But it's not the drug "leading edge 4" of China (label "Progibb T98", the type used for garden spray left large fast-PV) as before. This is the type of immiscibility make as outdoor (glue), stronger than "Edge 4".

Make a solution such as outdoor students set paper paste mixed with water spray on fruits stimulates matures lick.

Bring this to "shower" for bananas, jackfruit, durian, avocados, grapes, Rambutan, mangosteen, sapo ... in just 1 day is nine now. For 1 litre for phase I drug my sister ½ liter of water, "Mrs. H ad.

Once considered the item, trigger, he price embankment T agreed to buy 1 liter of 70 thousand of test on the jackfruit. "What kind of preservation keep fresh fruits I long to carry out the sale Minutes before her ... something that misting on fruit smell, there kinds would smell more pleasant?".Pointing at the blue, I can H introduction: "type are in the blue can. This odorless, colorless. There are new customers in Binh Thuan to buy try to "shower" for Dragon fruit shipped out North. They say this stuff is great. 1 liter of "smoking" mixed with 5 gallons of water, and then pour in the barrel. Then, soak the fruit in about 3-4 hours later picked off, to spend the night, the fruit will ripen tasty ".

For cheap is to be

Have to say, in the stall in the fair area chemical Kim Bien has a wide variety of chemicals to ripen fruit. From the white powder or liquid used mixed with water to make a spray directly onto the fruit, so what kind of "smoking" in 5 ml tube packaging used direct injection into the result.

However, due to public opinion about the toxic "medicines" should this market UNDER intensive management Editor than Kim. So, just our purchases take place covertly. The shop owner, a stall here only sell to patrons only.

According To The ASSOC. DR. Truong Vinh, head of the Department of chemical technology (HO CHI MINH CITY University of agriculture and forestry. HCM), smoking do fruits ripen quickly accelerates essentially converts the starch into sugars.

Also smoking to preserve fruit in contrast mechanism, the slow fermentation process inside, slowing the metabolism of starch into sugars to keep fresh fruit for long, does not rot, is easy to transport away. On the market there are many types of chemicals used in this purpose.

There are types of active substances containing volatile or wash the harmless, but there are types contain the active ingredient "entrapment" sustainability in the fruit is bad for the user. The reality of Chinese medicine, due to the cheap use of the active substances should be preserved "entrapment" durability in fruit.

After observing that traders make a solution T buy in store chemicals Kim bien, ASSOC. DR. Vinh noted: "this is the preservative has the ductility clinging onto the left surface created limited oxygen, membrane water and CO2" seep "into the left slows the process of respiration of the fruit. Thanks for that, fresh fruit. The main active ingredient of the liquid make this possible is Chitosan, or synthetic wax. If is Chitosan, a kind of raw material extracted from the shell fish "smoking" do no harm, but if it is a synthetic wax can cause harm to the user ".

PGS. DR. Trương Vĩnh also adds, have the ability to "make a solution" made from synthetic wax due to the cheap price. Also, the Chitosan dearly, 4-5 million VND/kg should hardly be acceptable buyers.

In addition, there are other chemical groups Yes effect against mold, mildew Benomyl, Carbendazim as resistant, Tebuconazole ... capable of preserving fruit for long periods are also used. However, this is the type of chemicals belonging to the ultra-exclusive fungicidal, decomposition slows and the risk of causing cancer, or infertile if using fruit essence.

The whole is poison

Talking about the injections (shots) or "shut up" for fruit ripening, lick ASS. DR. Truong Vinh said, at present, traders often use Ethylen. This is a volatile substance, has a stimulating effect do fruits ripen quickly, move the color (from green to red tomato, yellow from green jackfruit ...).

Chemicals in the plastic can 10 litre, 25 litres, of which no less kind end nine fruit and

preserved fruit but absolutely "not two" (no label, no Mfg).

If used with very low concentrations of Ethylen will do slow-ripening fruit. However, the need to affirm this is not the type of chemicals used in the food industry due to its toxic properties for human health.

"The last years, I have read in the newspapers about a type of HPC products" ripe fruit "(a kind of" leaf fertilizer "is in the category of Agriculture Bureau-PV) due to a business in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM produced and sold on the market with the aim of "shower" for the left jackfruit, Durian ... lick matures. I'm really surprised, because the chemical composition of this product is. .. Ethylen?! ".

Also according to Naik, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Bureau HERBICIDE, "leading edge 4" said above essentially GA4 chemicals sold sneaky, "hand" on the market under the label ProGibb T98.

This chemical is not located in the directory of registered Pesticide use in Vietnam and also is not in the list of substances to regulate growth stipulated in annex 4 of circular No. 36/2009/TT-BNNPTNT on 24/6/2010 of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development regulation on fertilizer management.

"So farmers even traders should not use this chemical to spray for bananas and fruits. This is the do more harm than good. User consequence fruit sprayed chemicals can food poisoning, or born after the disease ", Mr Tung said. In addition "4th Ledges", there is still a kind of "smoking" is GA3 Gibberellic acid-(chemical formula C19H22O6) has the most powerful physiological effect for crops.=

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