The body that makes this sound warns you that you have the disease, you need to see a doctor immediately

The sound of clenching teeth clogged when sleeping

Teeth grinding is also harmful to health. Firstly, excessive grinding of teeth when sleeping will significantly affect teeth aesthetics. The enamel will lose all enamel, expose more yellow tusks, be tinged, cracked, broken teeth or loose. In addition, grinding teeth during sleep can cause muscle pain due to spasm of the jaw muscles for a long time. Excessive muscles during teeth grinding may also be enlarged, causing the face to become disproportionate or square-shaped, temporal-jaw joint disorder with the first signs of discomfort or pain. joint, open mouth, chew or talk hard, tired jaw .

The crunching sound of her neck when she tilted her head to the side

According to David Geier, an orthopedic surgeon in Charleston (USA), this sound may be due to injury in the joint between the neck vertebrae. In particular, if the pain spreads to one arm, it may be due to the nervous system. At this point, your nervous system is being pinched or narrowed, causing damage. In addition, if more symptoms such as numbness, tingling in your hands, hands or fingers, you should also go for a quick checkup.

Buzzing in the ears

Someone must have had tinnitus at some point in life. However, according to Dr. Jennifer Derebery (former president of the American Otolaryngology Academy), loud buzzing in the ears, which occurs continuously or only appears on one ear, is not a normal sign at all. Most likely, it can warn of hearing loss or because you are experiencing severe stress and lack of sleep.

The bone joints crackled

If every time you walk or move and see joints make a cracking sound, and feel pain at the same time, it's time you need to see a doctor. These pains may be due to arthritis, osteoarthritis, and cartilage damage. Treatment for physical therapy, medication or surgery can help improve the situation.

The rumble in the stomach

When you are hungry, you tend to find food to fill the feeling of emptying your stomach. At this time, your stomach will appear gurgling. However, do not worry because this is a completely harmless phenomenon and it is not related to serious digestive problems such as stomach bleeding, intestinal . So, to overcome, you should avoid using carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners that will help calm the noise in the stomach.

The sound is sprinkled on the shoulders when rising

According to David Geier, this phenomenon may be due to inflammation of Bursa (a small fluid-filled bag) between the shoulder blades and ligaments. If you feel the pain associated with it, it is likely that the shoulder joint is damaged, the cartilage along the shoulder is also problematic. Right now, quickly go to the orthopedic doctor to get the best advice.


You may have eaten too many fried foods, or previous carbonated drinks should have burping. However, if belching is accompanied by a feeling of chest warmth or sore throat, you may have a stomach acid reflux. At this time, you should eat slowly, avoid opening your mouth when talking and stop taking carbonated drinks to limit belching.

The crunch of the knee when walking down the stairs

According to Robert G. Marx, orthopedic surgeon at the Special Surgery Hospital in New York, this phenomenon has nothing to worry about, especially when it happens occasionally and does not accompany episodes. pain. However, in the case of frequent occurrences, accompanied by pain due to osteoarthritis, cartilage injury or arthritis, you should go for physical therapy or use drugs, which may be more severe. Art to improve the situation.


Hiccups are just a natural activity of the body and it usually happens when you have a feeling of palpitations, bloating after eating, or the side effects of some drugs. However, if the hiccups are persistent, it is likely that your nerves are over-stimulated by central nervous system problems.