The daily habit harm health of you (part 1)

1. Stir the ear

The Earwax is the habit is also how ear hygiene that people often do. But it pretty much hidden dangers and disadvantages by the tool to get the poor hygiene and Earwax, use for many people that just clean through the speakers for the dirt.  In addition, the tool look pretty sharp ears, easily hurt the capital's tenuous structure of the ear. Have other people use nails long to stir real youngest tai to have itching. There are people using all the available widgets to look like ears for glasses, keys, toothpicks ... Such behaviour is easy to understand why many people as stir as itching and want to look forward.

When you remember the ears look sanitary real tools clean. If itching ears, ringing in the ears ... then shouldn't stir the ears again. If not able to "resist" is this routine then please use the swab to clean salt water seepage and wipe the ear gently, each using a separate swab ear to prevent infection from ear to ear disease.

2. Biting nails

Nail biting is waste, but jobs are hard habits of many people. Regular habits may harm both nails and the skin around them. According to the dermatologist, when bitten nails germs from your mouth are transferred to the skin of the hands and vice versa. Bacteria under nail condition the wool into the oral cavity, throat and gums infection-causing.

3. Twist and swirl curls round

This is the daily work of her own glamorous curly hair. But you have the beautiful job is doing harm to the health of women?

Twists and curls around the circular vortex makes hair suffered leg fingers slowly over time. This leads to hair loss, bald areas of inflammation or hair pin. In the long run, this habit can lead to psychological disorder causing the disease to shock or hair on the head and feathers in other parts of the body.

4. Teeth grinding

Many people have the habit of bruxism as response to the stress, they are not aware of the consequences of this habit. Bruxism cause erosion or cracked, causing weakness and tooth crowns; make a face lost balance or square shape (due to the bite muscle hypertrophy in both parties), the solar joint disorders-function.

Some people have this habit had to see the doctor to orthodontics and even Botox injections into the muscles of the mouth.

5. Screw the neck, joints of limbs

Screw the neck, hands, legs, joints can make good sense, help you relax. But repeated this bad influence to the surrounding ligaments and cause them to be skewed position, bad influence to the surface of the disc, or the destruction of the cartilage of the joints. In the long term, will lead to the degeneration of the ligament of the neck, the neck vertebrae, calcified arthritis. In these rare cases, the breaking of the neck can cause stroke.

6. Licking or biting lips

Licking the lips is the habit of many girlfriends, especially in winter when the skin or dry lips. This action causes the digestive support enzymes weave into the skin and lead to inflammation of the mucosa of the lips, causing cracking of the lips. It is known that saliva contains starch enamel, licking the lips up like there is a thin layer of indoor soft lips feeling in an instant. But when the saliva evaporates off, then the lips will as more dry. Moreover, on the lips with the dust and germs should use the tongue licking will cause unsanitary, facilitating the development of harmful bacteria.

Bite your lip when stress can lead to the formation of polyps need to conduct surgery to cut away.

7. Chew gum

Chewing cloves, pork rind candy action of many people not only do other people upset that it's also hidden the risks to health. Addicts chew gum can get joint disorders because of the function of mouth solar use with regular frequency.

Besides, artificial sweeteners available in the gum, bad influence to digest (loss of appetite, increased secretion of saliva and in translation when no excess food acid and gastric ulcers) if such as eating too much gum on lips.

8. Touch the face

Touch the face is the unconscious habits that people still do. According to experts, regular or hand touching the acne causing skin moulding accumulates dirt and ruin the floor gradually epidermis of the skin, increasing the risk of causing acne. Besides, the scratches due to dependable acne will be hard to recover and leave permanent damage.

You need to do is stop the touch surface and if being acne, please adhere to the treatment of a dermatologist.

9. Bite pen

We often see this picture in Office staff or students, students ... The very idea of this normal action inadvertently gave to the virus invades the body and cause diseases, such as colds. In addition, the pen stung harm the teeth as well as threatening the soft tissue and gums section.

10. For the inner cheek

It is also the people usually do when experiencing anxiety, see insecurity. If you like each other, then in the cheek cheeks will be swollen and very likely you will continue again for that position again. Repeating this action will cause inflammation of oral cavity, hemorrhage, and causes scarring are difficult to heal.

The daily habit harm for your health (part 2)=