The more food eaten less fat, more weight, more beautiful designs

3 familiar food below will help you to lose weight fast safely back to the body, helping you soon owned the perfect body, lose weight fast, weight loss, ...

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Cabbage can help you lose weight quickly but safely.


Fatty acid in honey has the effect of promoting increased peristalsis. The vitamins and minerals also help regulate the function of the digestive apparatus, helps push toxins out of the body, improves the condition of constipation.

The glucose and fructose in honey was not absorbed directly, so do not worry about the accumulation of fat in the body. Besides the calories in honey, 100 g honey contains only 294 calories should have the effect of weight very well.

A cup of honey with warm water before bed help detoxify, boost metabolism, burn excess fat in the body to help the abdomen you compact. You can mix the honey with a little cucumber juice to increase the effective weight loss.


Cabbage provides very low power, no fat should not cause fat accumulation and no feeling tired, eat more without fear of gaining weight.

Cabbage is rich in fiber, feeling! , the food is no less calories and is abundant in vitamin C and antioxidants, along with vitamin K-minerals anticoagulants. Research shows fiber helps limit the constipation, excessive fat, limit the absorption of fat accumulation. More fiber, then the blood cholesterol will at least go. 


This is the kind of food that contains low-calorie, along with water and high fiber to help you solve toxins in the body, especially vegetables also help you lose weight fast and soon owned a figure worth dreaming.=

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