The older the food eaten the older women after the age of 30 should be avoided

Canned fruit yogurt

This dish may sound good for health, but the fact that canned fruit yogurt contains a lot of sugar, is not good for health.

Replace canned fruit yogurt with plain yogurt and fresh fruit. These two foods are both good for the body and not high in sugar.


Sweet cakes are always attractive to women. However, if you want to avoid premature aging, it's best to limit your intake of them. Sweet foods contain too much sugar, which can cause a variety of health problems such as weight gain, obesity, diabetes .

Cocktail and beer

When we go home, the body will not be able to efficiently convert alcoholic beverages. Drinking lots of alcohol, beer causes dry skin, wrinkles.

White bread

White bread is mainly composed of starch and contains very little fiber. Eat more white bread will increase blood sugar, digestive system is affected. Therefore, you should replace white bread with whole grain breads to ensure nutrition.


Barbecue is attractive, but not a good dish for women after 30 years. Baked foods often contain trans fats, which are unhealthy.

The coffee

Coffee can cause skin aging. Drinking a lot of coffee will affect the quality of sleep, causing premature skin aging. Combined with our skin's daily exposure to environmental agents such as UV rays, dust will accelerate the aging process, wrinkles appear.