The reason would be considered smoking Club in winter?

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The are everywhere, can eat at anytime of the day or on the table and there are multiple ways of processing. For producing aromatic, Pei, on, very attractive. But how to make the most of its potential, especially in the healing room is less interested.

Photo : The reason would be considered smoking Club in winter?

The reason would be considered smoking Club in winter? Peanut dish is there everywhere, can eat at anytime.

-High blood pressure: Soak in white vinegar to 1 week (peanuts and vinegar have preferences, time soaking as long as possible), every night before bed swallowing 2-4 seeds, used continuously for 7 days is a process, often 2-3 application process materials, blood pressure will drop to the normal range.

It should be noted not his inner bark of the seeds, if not efficient, reduced vinegar is easy to evaporate, to contain tools to. After 2-3 document, if blood pressure drops to normal levels, in order to feel the symptoms have disappeared, to consolidate effective, relapse prevention, can downloads used 1 time per 2 seeds. This treatment also effectively clearly with arteriosclerosis patients, help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, to maintain effective, need long-term swallowing.

-Insomnia: peanuts 30 g fresh Root, washed, put in warm water, use 150 ml of boiling water to siege, every night before sleep 1 hour to drink clean, used a 5-7 day will see the effect, after continuous use, add 10 more efficiently.

-Thũng: 200 g, 150 g black Apple, add water to cook 40 minutes from boiling, and add 150 g of sugar, after thawing, use 3 times a day. Often used for continuous 10 to 15 new day effectively, gradually resumed in a period of time to consolidate the brand experience.

-Expectorant much: human touch 30 g, cooked quinces to go in 30 g honey, eat 2 times day.

-Ho long on not from: human tribe, jujube, honey, every Wednesday on drinking water best 30 g 2 times.

-Ho long on gas, less phlegm, đoản: human touch 15 g, 15 g of sweet almond, retire, each do 10 g, more moderate honey, with boiling water.

-Inflammation of the trachea: Use morning and evening, every time you eat 30 g.

-Harsher voices: human touch (for both thin film beyond entertainment) 60-100 g, . Fed once, or for a moderate honey to eat together as possible.