The things you want to do when guy in bed

Told the guy what you want

Tell the guy you want.

The guy would be like if you know what this guy wanted to when in bed, they often have the habit of players only I could on the ear you very specific questions such as "I like ...", "you like...". Similarly, if you want to change the guidance role guy, want every "my love" is really a burning emotions both times, tell the guy what you desire, love to be the guy met how when two people closer.

Changing tactics

Your boys may be particularly fond of the traditional type, like master "my love". But if kept in a long time will do both boring. Please change tactics, possibly changing the posture, can you take a proactive lead guy. Make sure the guy will happy all day was elated, smiling unjustly because one person you love so hot and charming.

Hot medical cabinet

Men especially would love to see your mates in the Interior Ministry of health Lacy colourful when sleeping. So, don't ever forget to the homeland of his health. Absolutely should not wear y Cabinet torn, teh Turkish delinquent, using to the extent of being d√£o. When seeing your mates in Ministry of internal medicine eroticism, men will be stimulated intensely. According to the study, men like the color tones such as black, red, skin, naked ... that's the secret to conquering the guy when "love".

Guy like you actively

Different thoughts of women that men just like diamond was absolutely, most men prefer women who actively, fire and blood all over the bed. A bit of enjoyment, a little bit relieved guy is on, a bit docile proved rules uniform before the ability of young men, all of the things that makes men really excited and tired you when "love".=


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