Vietnamese people protect themselves before cancer?

The current population to "Skip" periodic health examinations every year at a cost of just rubble, three million. When diagnosed with cancer, they sell all fortune to curing cancer cure, ...

The incidence of various cancers by

At present, cancer is the disease is dangerous and causes so many "awesome" when made. What people fear is completely unfounded, as the majority of people who have cancer detected in late stages, so from the time of detection until death often occurs quickly, because of the reason that many people said that cancer is regarded as bearing "the death penalty".

Not only that, one of the reasons also led many people to "panic" when the cancer first hit points. That's the physical pain, the pain that can occur for diseases, or may also occur due to the treatment process with the chemicals come into the body to destroy cancer cells.

Cancer will be cured if detected at an early stage

In addition, the cost to treat cancer is also a huge burden for the patient with no less. By, in addition to the account has been paid medical insurance, many drugs, chemicals, expensive cancer treatment not be insurance or just pay a part.

Currently, according to the scientists, to exact statistics for any cancer are the incidence as well as the highest mortality is never simple. By statistics, that's only relative in nature from the patient came to hospital treatment. Also the fact, many deaths from this disease at home is difficult to measure the count.

According to figures that Chan Hung Nguyen GS-Chairman of the Vietnam cancer launched, many types of cancer sufferers for also split according to gender, not the same.

Accordingly, in men 5 many cancer sufferers for lung cancer was 34.2/100,000 people with, then the prostate cancer (30.7), colorectal cancer (20.6), gastric cancer (17.4), liver cancer (15.3).

Also in women's breast cancer (43.1), then turn the colorectal cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer.

Also according to statistics of the Mighty GS, if both sexes then 5 cancer has the highest incidence rate that most are: lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and stomach cancer.

Also according to PROF. Xiong, however, the incidence is such, but mortality due to cancer has a different rate, according to which the cancer has a high mortality rate for lung cancer was (19.4%), liver cancer (9.1%), stomach cancer (8.8%), colorectal cancer (8.5%) , breast cancer (6.4).

Please visit the health to be living more

Talking about the causes of the disease should also like mortality, PROF. Xiong said, have to 1/3 of cancer deaths are caused by tobacco smoke is. Also, add 1/3 of cancer deaths is due to the risk of lifestyle and nutrition (eating does not heal, weight gain and obesity, physical activity). Some viral infections HBV, HCV, HPV ...) cause about 20% of cancer deaths in the developing countries.

A lot of people to hospital treatment when sick was in the last stages.

So how has just limited the incidence and control of mortality due to cancer? That is the question which results in fewer people put out. Question about quit smoking will control the new stranded due to lung cancer and some other related types of cancer, that is absolutely right.

However, in the number 1/3 ca Getting rest is related to lifestyle and nutrition. Especially hygiene and food safety, this is the very problem of headaches, by current statistics as most foods have seen "scandal" in which the most that is dirty, food contains carcinogens.

So, to solve this problem, in addition to strengthening the management of the Agency, the needs to wise over the core issue for that is the conscience of those who "cancer merchant," if they stop the action poisoned it? Or because their profits despite it all!

Finally, to control the number of deaths, each person needs to be aware of the importance of the periodic health examination, meaning let's live with myself.

Accordingly, identification of professionals, cancer can be cured if detected at an early stage. However, to detect the disease, then the plot is exactly to periodic health examinations.

"If every year, people are conscious of the need for general health exams six months, per visit takes about 2-3 million, then make sure that the seed of cancer will be detected early and treated promptly.

However, the people instead of sorry 5-6 million a year, just to see the new pain clinic and when detection is more people to sell both, both Buffalo for healing ... but ultimately still have to "give up" because of cancer. Such comparisons to see is that, consciously protect yourself before the illness of the people of Vietnam are at any rate ", a share.