When you have signs of the flu, stay away from these foods

Salty foods

If you have the flu, eat less salt-rich foods to increase the amount of lysozyme in your saliva to help protect your throat. Since then, the throat will secrete many immunoglobulins A and interferons to fight the flu.

Caffeinated drinks

Caffeinated beverages like tea, coffee or soda are not good for people with the flu. Caffeine makes you more alert but makes the body do not rest, will be more tired when you have the flu.

Protein rich foods

High protein foods like red meat, eggs, shrimp, crabs, fish . will have a negative impact on reducing fever and restoring health.


Drinking plenty of milk during a cold will increase mucus production in the lungs. Therefore, limiting your intake of milk while you are infected with the flu virus will help prevent chest congestion and congestion, causing shortness of breath.

Sweet things

In general, eating a lot of sweets is not good for your health. In particular, when you have the flu, you should not eat a lot of sweets because it will increase blood sugar, the body will focus on metabolizing sugar, which will consume a lot of vitamins that slow down the metabolism of nutrients in the body.

In addition, consuming too much sugar may inhibit the ability of leukemia to fight infections. In addition, excess sugar in the body can increase the levels of inflammatory cytokines in the body.

Spicy, hot food

When you are sick, your stomach function will be impaired, so you should limit eating spicy hot food.

If you have a cold, the flu is accompanied by a stomach ache, stay away from these foods.