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Question: my niece this year 18. Just then I take physical examinations, doctors concluded I was breast gland duct dilation zone stay contained room, bumper jitters. I don't understand what it is, there are dangers and how to treat?


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DR. Le Thi Thu Ha (BS BV From HO CHI MINH CITY Took. HCM) reply:

Breast of women have from 10-20 lobes, sort photos, each lobed spokes contains countless minor lobes created by milk cyst clusters. The ducts or milk (breast gland duct) away from the nipple connection to the pipe in the lobules and the pipe back connect with the follicles of milk.

Chill milk ducts or breast gland duct dilation is the status the main milk ducts to dilate, usually appears in lactatingwomen, the milk ducts are dilated, filled with milk, long on buildup made room for milk becomes progressively and create cheese-like substance.

If bacteria penetrate from the outside of the skin on the nipple to the milk ducts, will cause inflammation, called multiples. Inflammation can occur inside the tube or tube milk glands were around. The treatment of this condition should take antibiotics, anti-inflammatory from 7-10 days. If the inflammation becomes abscesses, need to slit to drain pus store. Using antibiotics to treat.

Breast duct dilation is rare in people who have had this illness, my husband, my sister needed to specialist examination to be made of the necessary tests in order to evaluate breast lesions.=