3 the article extremely good folk medicine cure at home thanks to CENTELLA

CENTELLA is not just a vegetable is also a cure for many diseases.

Help boost your memory

CENTELLA leaves dried powder, drinking milk with riveted every day 3-5 grams will have work well for people with impaired memory and eyesight.

Curing dysentery

Post 1 (CENTELLA 150 g salt 10 g):

Wash vegetables cheeks clean, drain, clean, put the mortar on the salt into his retirement, quietly, then added a bowl of boiling water, stirring steadily, to worry, get water to drink in the decanting.

Adults drink at all once, children according to age where reduction of dosage. When the pill should eat porridge, abstinence the indigestion, fat diets, fishy, spicy foods, hot;

Lesson 2: CENTELLA, applying plant roots, grass roots, root hairs, the dosages of dream four equal (about 100 g), gold star, groundies brilliantly on drinking, twice until off.

Cure for mild fever at home

CENTELLA 30 g 30 g pot, alleged the grass, leaves and cotton thread code 20 g (or leaves the millstone, grass roots debate).

Take the washed, pounding, boiling water into drinking water, squeezed or colors.


When a child has a fever may use CENTELLA, wash, Peel, pouring water, boiling small successive invaders of fire for about 15 minutes and then rinsed out the large Cup. Just about one hour for the child drink several spoons. The child will reduce fevers.=