3 unsuspecting familiar food cause cancer of the throat

Melon roasted salt is also one of the causes of throat cancer.


More than 1/3 of patients are detected cancer in the palate are related to alcohol. According to experts, the alcohol causes irritation of the throat as tobacco. Drinking time as long and as much alcohol levels, the higher the risk.


Tobacco is known to be the leading cause of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases ... There is also a cause of the cancer diseases such as lung cancer, cancer of the nasopharynx. Scientists have discovered in a cigarette has hundreds of toxic chemicals in cells, cause harm to the body increases the risk of cancer such as: nicontin, ammonia, benzene, cadmium, hidrocacbon.

Melon roasted salt

According to many studies, then eat melon roasted salt is also one of the causes that trigger the disease of cancer of throat ring and people often eat this dish, the risk of the disease will also be higher than others!

How to avoid

Currently, no specific prevention measures. The doctors still recommend applying the solution to avoid exposure to the risk of disease such as:

-No smoking, smoking Laos ... Those who are non-skip right then. Scientists have proven that the abandonment of tobacco will make the risk of cancer of the nasopharynx decreased significantly.

-Limit the alcohol, beer and alcohol use harmful to the body.

-Should eat at least the dishes such as Bacon, anchovies, fermented foods such as pickling salt, coffee, tubers of salt ...=