5 extremely harmful diseases when you have dinner not properly

5 extremely harmful diseases when you have dinner not properly.

Intestinal cancer

If eating too many nutrients in the evening will suffer the effects of anaerobic bacteria in the colon and harmful substances. In addition, when activity decreased sleep at least, harmful substances stored intestinal weight, long time since it causes cancer of the colon.

Inflammation of the pancreas

Dinner too no, or drinking beer more easily lead to acute inflammation of the pancreas, shocking to sleep.

Coronary disease

Evening tolerated too much heat makes blood cholesterol rise, leading to arteriosclerosis and coronary disease.

Nervous breakdown

Eat the food too much at dinner will increase the burden for the intestine and the stomach, it causes huge pressure for the Agency around. This information will be passed to the brain. When "the wave of excitement" that spread to other parts of the cortex, it will make people suffer because the dream, not the focus.

This not only makes people feel tired and affect the quality of sleep. In addition, this situation lasts it will lead to a nervous breakdown.

High blood pressure

Dinner eat much meat will make a sudden increase in blood pressure. More on that when sleep decreased blood flow slow speed, most of the fat will accumulate in the blood on the blood management, causing hardening of the coronary arteries.

Experiments to prove the person's blood fat, or eat dinner usually higher than 2-3 times. If people with obesity, high blood pressure like to eat meat, then bigger and bigger risks.=