5 things you must know when to drink soy milk

Soy milk is a drink very nutritious and healthy for the human body. In addition to the ability to supply calcium to prevent osteoporosis, General milk also have the effect of strengthening the resistance, preventing the diseases of the stomach and intestines.

However, if the milk is not properly, not those you do not absorb the nutrients in milk but also harmful to health. So must drink milk how new right?

5 things you must know when to drink soy milk.

Not everyone absorbs good soy milk

According to traditional medicine, soy milk has natural properties, welding should benefit will not suit those damaged by welding unit Bhikkhu after drinking will cause bloating, belching, belching, prone to come apart.

In addition, those with kidney damage symptoms, urination more nights, di, ... also should not use reduced fat abdomen with soy milk if not more illness more severe.

Need to boil the soy milk before drinking

The nutritionist said in soy milk contains saponin, enamel trypsin inhibitor and a number of active substances not beneficial for the body so you should boil the soy milk before drinking to avoid bad nausea, abdominal pain, go outside, even leading to food poisoning.

Should not contain soy in the average temperature

Using abdominal fat loss with soy milk, many people often contain soy milk in 1 tank heat to keep drinking slowly. However, this is again a wrong action by bacteria are easy to grow and develop in the environment of warm soy milk for so long. So, after about 3-4 hours of soy milk will be, not the belly fat reduction efficiency but also can be harmful to health.

Do not drink too much soy milk at

Don't abuse because the slimming effects of soy milk that you think more and drinking more will as possible. For adults only should take a maximum of 500 ml soy milk 1 time to avoid bad stomach ache, go outside because the nutrients are not absorbed off will affect the digestive process in the body.

Should not only drink soy milk does not

Though is how effective belly fat loss but you also should not only drink soya milk reduced fat in the process. To reduce belly fat safely and efficiently, you should set yourself a perfect fat loss plan with a scientific diet, of course in which indispensable soy milk and then attached a training mode and the rest. If the determination and persistence with this plan, you will soon own a compact and toned waist.

Drink when empty belly

Drinking soy milk when empty stomach will cause the proteins in soy milk are turned into heat and dissipates. So can not effect tonic for the body. When drinking milk beans, it's best to eat the same starch substances such as dumplings, bread ... to help give the nutrients are absorbed.=