7 tips to treat tooth decay effectively at home without visiting a dentist

Tooth decay not only causes pain, affects communication and eating, but it is also the leading risk of permanent tooth loss if not treated promptly. When toothache is caused by tooth decay, but you cannot go to a specialist for treatment, you can apply simple remedies to treat tooth decay, which immediately alleviate pain.

These remedies for folk tooth decay focus on the purpose of reducing swelling, reducing inflammation from the tooth decay thereby reducing the pain quickly.

1. How to treat tooth decay at home with ginger and garlic

Ginger and garlic are both highly anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. In the composition of garlic contains a lot of antibiotics allicin helps fight viruses and bacteria that cause disease. Garlic essential oil is rich in glucogen, allin and fitonite, which have bactericidal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Therefore, you can use ginger and garlic to reduce inflammation, swelling in the area of ​​tooth decay. Very simple way, ginger crushed and applied directly to the tooth decay.

Or you bring crushed garlic, mixed with a little salt and apply on the tooth decay.

Stick to it a few times a day and you'll see it work.

2. How to treat tooth decay at home with black pepper and basil

Black pepper and basil are also one of the simple and effective ways to treat tooth decay.

Basil leaves, washed and crushed along with a few black pepper. Apply this paste on the area of ​​a sore tooth to quickly reduce the toothache.

3. Turmeric powder for curing tooth decay

Turmeric powder is quite benign and also has antibacterial properties. You can use a small amount of turmeric powder to put in the sore tooth, you will see the pain is markedly reduced.

4. Guava leaves how to treat tooth decay effectively should know

Guava leaves can treat decay quite effectively. Guava leaves are acrid and contain astringents that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, can make gums stronger and reduce toothache and are an effective cure for tooth decay.

You just need to take a handful of young guava leaves washed, crushed with salt and warm water. Then, use a cotton swab to absorb guava leaves into the aching tooth area.

You should do it every day before going to bed to get the best effect.

5. Betel leaf no

Betel leaf is not used very much in folk with excellent bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. In which betel leaves are not used to treat tooth decay very effectively. Use 2-3 betel leaves without crushing and a few grains of salt and mix with a cup of white wine.

Allow 10 minutes to settle and then decant the clear water, apply cotton to the affected area for 5 minutes.

Should be implemented regularly every day to bring the best effect.

However, after using betel leaf, you should rinse your mouth with clean water, do not swallow.

6. How to cure folk tooth decay with chrysanthemum

Chamomile is a traditional medicine that treats many diseases, including tooth decay. You only need to use 5 yellow daisies, remove the wings to wash. Bring chrysanthemum soaked with 0.5 liter of alcohol for about 7 - 10 days, then spent it used.

Every morning and evening, you rinse your mouth with a small sip of chamomile wine to kill bacteria, carried out continuously for a week the toothache will be relieved markedly.

7. Green tea leaves reduce tooth decay quickly at home

The compound in green tea leaves does not cure tooth decay, but if you rinse your green tea leaves daily your toothache pain will be relieved quickly.