Awe of being in the brain, the lungs expels because eating live seafood

Eat the crabs, snails, oysters, ... yet to be cooked carefully, many have been the type of t in the lungs, the brain, dangerous to the security of computer networks.

Exchange with us, Dr. Nguyen Intermediate-Deputy Head of the Emergency Department (BV tropical diseases TW) said in the crabs, snails have the kind common larvae is the lungs (often in crab); small liver Fasciola gigantica (available in the freshwater snail); Nematode in mouse Lung parasite in snails on land; The large liver and expels the larva expels trough move in water.

All types of larva can penetrate into the human body and cause disease is dangerous if ingested snails, crabs, fresh oysters, not yet cooked.

Eat delicacies, many climb into your brain, lungs,

Many common Lung in the crab. Ago PRIVATE tropical BV has ever received such patients are children, Buffalo blanket while going rock crab caught in the grill cave yet carefully ate and then San lung infection.

Live seafood dining experience was in the brain, the lungs expels.

After entering the body, lungs expels the lymph then goes through the lungs, causing the disease can coughing up blood, to stretch can cause depletion of untreated, potentially fatal.

While many small liver parasites in freshwater snail. If ingested snails have small liver parasites that expels the eat will costs and many infections will get in the way.

When expression on t is nasty ạch ậm the patient's liver, indigestion, eating for long can cause inflammation of the liver, cirrhosis of the liver.

At BV PRIVATE tropical so far still have quite a lot of small liver Fasciola gigantica infection cases caused by common people have the habit of eating freshwater snail has not been processed carefully (every year a few dozen ca).

The larvae encounter followed nematodes in rat Lung (Angiostrongylus cantonensis scientific name). This parasite larvae in mice, when discharged, the snail eating parasite infection infections right.

People eat the right type of building that has not been cooked, then t will climb into the brain causing inflammation of the brain, meningitis with the expression: blurred Vision, headaches, brain edema, heavy serious will cause coma and can cause death.

Some cases t move down the lung will cause the lungs, pneumonia due to allergies.

More common is the common type t large liver and expels trough. After the hatch into larvae and parasites are in the snail, it turns into 1 other larvae (the tail), and then hang on to raw vegetables, eat at will.

"Many large liver in raw vegetables, a few dozen cases each year. Also the tail of the sperm can swim in water trough San if Wade into water that penetrates the skin tail infection enters the bloodstream. Many types of this trough of less than "met, Dr. Grant said.

Eat nine drank boiling

Should eat nine drank boiling.

Doctors said the Level of General characteristics these types of infections t is eating snails, crabs, oysters, ... not yet cooked. The larva expels parasites of snails, crabs, oysters could die when food has to be cooked completely, so it is no longer capable of causing the disease.

According to the doctor, have 2 dishes that have a high risk of causing many infections is barbecue and live (GOI).

If eating snails, crabs and baked just outside the new shell, inside the soggy really-many types of still life. In addition, with shellfish (live) such as oysters, snails, and. the risk of infection is also higher than the costs.

Therefore, the recommended Level: doctors need to eat nine drank boiling, absolutely not eat live and agricultural sector should take measures to control the quality of aquatic products in the cultivation area to ensure no contaminated.

In addition, with the risk of infection with Fasciola gigantica (living in the region already has the highest incidence, survival food, manifests as fever, headache, suspended dreams, ...) then it should go visit as soon as possible.

Recently, the BV PRIVATE tropical diseases took a patient who worked at a seafood restaurant in Hanoi. He regularly uses live oysters, shrimp re dot mustard and manifest abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea. The doctors determine he is infected with worm larvae eel!=