Carrot-ginseng cures disease encyclopedia

The modern research shows, carrots are rich in nutrients, in addition to protide, lipid, glucid and fiber, contain many trace elements and vitamins, carotene content of which is the highest (in 100 g carrots up to 3, 62mg carotene).

On the effect of pharmacological, carrots have the ability to regulate the physiological functions of the body, strengthens the body, strengthening immunity, antibacterial, detoxification, do hypoglycemia, positive preventive diseases caused by vitamin A deficiency, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.

Carrot-ginseng cures disease encyclopedia.

Recently, several studies have demonstrated the carrots also have anti-aging effects and positive preventive cancer pathology. The dress that shows-the name "U.s. ginseng" that put folk for carrot is very worthy.

A study in the United States also stressed, those who eat carrots each week had less risk of disease complications than those who eat only 1-2 months.

The composition of carrots acting as health-enhancing dose to the skin, helping skin good resistance against the bad influences of the surrounding environment, so that it is particularly good with the fragile skin of females.

Healthy immune system

Vitamin A in carrots are very essential for the body's immune system, helps the skin and the respiratory cells good, urinary tract and digestive system healthy, fight infections.

Besides, the processing of carrot is very simple. When making salads containing carrots, you just add a little fat to the dish will increase the effect of carrot. The study said that many nutrients such as beta-carotene will be absorbed better when the vegetable mix contains carrots, lettuce, spinach and tomato.

Bright eyes

Carrots contain a large amount of beta carotene is converted to A viatamin essential for vision. Vitamin A works so magically for the eyes, by converting the purple pigment called rhodopsin in the retina. This pigment helps the eye see clearly in the Dim light conditions.

Beautiful skin

Beta carotene is also nutritionally important antioxidant, helps fight free radicals that cause aging, healthy and elastic skin will.In addition, carrots also help protect your skin under the harmful effects of the Sun. Beta carotene helps protect the skin from ultraviolet rays (UV) and sunburn.

Weight loss

Carrots contain less calories and is a great choice when you're dieting; 80 g carrot in cooked only contains 24 calories

Low in fat

To be heart healthy you should eat less fat and salt; 80 g carrot cooked contains only about 0, 3 g fat.

Many fiber

The carrot has a lot of fiber, support the digestive system healthy and stable blood sugar. Fiber also helps you feel no longer and keep the weight. 80 g of cooked carrot contains 2 g of fiber.

Boost vitamin A

In all of the vegetables and fruits, carrots contain more beta carotene-nutrients are converted into vitamin A in the body. 80 g cooked carrots contain viatamin of A needed for adults. Vitamin A supports the development of bones and teeth.

Fostered by color

Red carrots contain carotene, a form of lucopen has the effect of preventing heart disease and cancer.

In fact, the carrot has a lot of color. In addition to the Orange also have red, yellow, pink, purple and white. However, the recent research shows that different colored carrots also have different effects.

Red carrots contain carotene, a form of lucopen has the effect of preventing heart disease and cancer. Rich gold, xantofin carrots for eyes. Purple carrots contain a type of completely different pigments is antoxian acts as a strong antioxidant. Lutein has many in the golden carrot, one complete pigment colors of black spots in the retina.=